Paraíba Steps Up Modernization of Its Tactical Communication System

The State of Paraíba will be equipped with one of the world’s most advanced communication systems, furnished by Motorola Solutions

  • The state government is adding new features to its digital radio communication system, including real-time multimedia transmission as well as maps to plan actions
  • These additions will promote advanced interoperability between the mobile telephone network, the existing TETRA digital radio system and the advanced user administration system
  • The state will also deploy new radio bases to expand the coverage area

JOÃO PESSOA, Brazil- Sep. 6th, 2018 – Paraíba’s Secretariat of Social Safety and Defense signed a contract with Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) for the expansion of the digital radio communication network and the addition of advanced features, including tactical LTE (4G) integrated into the TETRA network, which will allow all the state’s public safety agencies to send and receive multimedia content.

Among the new equipment integrated will be 180 LEX series LTE handhelds that take the command and control center to the hands of field agents and allow commanders to be fully aware of what is happening in the operation, with transmission of real-time video and tactical information exchange on maps. In addition, 100 ST7000 DIMETRA portable radios will be used for discrete operations, featuring compact and stylish design.

The new devices will now be equipped also with WAVE™, Motorola Solutions’ broadband push-to-talk (PTT) solution that enables smartphone users to communicate securely with radios used by security personnel at the touch of a button. They will also include accessories that make both the devices and their users more efficient.

These new resources, which will be added to the digital TETRA network that was deployed last year and that covers nearly the entire state, will make Paraíba’s critical-communication system at the level of the most modern systems in the world.

The contract was recently signed by the Governor of the State of Paraíba, Ricardo Coutinho; the state’s Secretary of Social Safety and Defense, Claudio Lima; and Elton Borgonovo, from Motorola Solutions.

“We want to step up the modernization of our communication system. We already have a digital communication system that allows different agencies to interact securely and reliably through a TETRA solution provided by Motorola Solutions. Now, with this platform, we want to expand our capabilities by adding applications to the tactical LTE system that will allow us to be more efficient in managing our public safety forces,” said Cláudio Lima, the secretary of public safety and defense for the state of Paraíba.

Key aspects of the digital radio system integrated into LTE dedicated to public safety:

  • Ability to send videos, photos, maps, suspects IDs and other multimedia functions
  • Integration of TETRA digital radio network with LTE tactical system and commercial cellular networks, allowing communications from anywhere in the world through authorized devices
  • Tactical LTE that allows the opening of a 4G network “bubble”, integrated in the radio network and dedicated to the public forces
  • Thousands of radios, among portable, mobile and fixed, with capacity of expansion as demand of the users. Still LTE handhelds series LEX and ST7000 DIMETRA portable radios were purchased for discrete operations
  • Encrypted communication that prevents unauthorized persons from listening in on the safety forces’ radio communications or from stealing multimedia information
  • A system that includes several repeater sites to provide a clear signal with high availability for all the safety forces, Military Police, Civil Police, Fire Brigades, Correctional System and State Transit Department (Detran)
  • Dispatch consoles to manage operations and installation of 6 new MTS1 model radio bases that can be deployed quickly to be used in tactical operations and to cover specific locations
  • Digital technology that makes it possible to run different applications, such as GPS, and pinpoint the exact location of each device, whether it is hand held or mounted in a vehicle

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