Panorama Antennas unveils the Next Generation 5G MiMo SharkFin Combination Antenna Range

Panorama Antennas unveils the Next Generation 5G MiMo SharkFin Combination Antenna Range

London – Panorama Antennas, a global leader in design and manufacture of advanced RF antenna solutions, announced that they expanded their award winning Sharkee antenna range with a new fully 5G LTE ready combination antenna solution.

Panorama Antennas are well known to provide futureproof, all-in-one antenna solutions and the 5G MiMo Sharkee® is no different. The antenna offers 2×2 ultra-wideband 617-960 / 1710-6000MHz cellular antenna elements, covering all 5G LTE spectrum frequencies worldwide including LTE Bands 71 (617-698MHz) which is now used in the US as a frequency band for 5G LTE communications. To further add to the performance, the MiMo Sharkee 5G adopts up to 4×4 MiMo dual band WiFi, covering 2.4GHz and 5.0-7.1GHz bands and the latest in GPS/GNSS technology with advanced band noise filtering. Within the product family is a version which allows for an external whip too – therefore allowing for VHF or UHF voice radio communication to be used through the single antenna or AM/FM radio function.

The 5G MiMo Sharkee® enables for all the communication functions to be performed by a single antenna with a single hole mount installation on the vehicle roof. Not only does this preserve the vehicle resale value but also reduces the number of antennas on the vehicle roof, thus allowing for a quicker and neater installation. In return the vehicle can be recommissioned in a shorter period of time. The 5G MiMo Sharkee® is designed to fit within the roof rib lines on all major vehicle manufacturers or can be installed in place of the existing roof antenna on most vehicles. The new MiMo Sharkee® has also been developed with the most advanced 5G LTE vehicle router technology in mind. It allows for a single antenna solution to align to a single vehicle cellular router for an easier procurement and installation process. It is a versatile product with the version without external antenna element suitable for use on vehicles without a ground plane with no significant impact to the antennas overall RF performance.

The next generation 5G MiMo Sharkee® housing is engineered using Panorama’s vast experience in the vehicle antenna market sector, accommodating a boot mount gasket for better sealing, uses heavy duty plastic for resilient use, and conductive pads on the underside of the antenna for a better grounding. The antenna is suitable for harsh conditions and offers an IP66 rating, making the antenna weatherproof and waterproof. The wideband cellular antenna elements are highly efficient with >12dB isolation and offer between 5-9dBi peak gain, the GPS / GNSS module has advanced filtering for LTE Band 13/14 operations whilst allowing for connectivity to GPS, Glonass, BeiDou and Galileo satellite systems. The WiFi elements are also WiFi 6 ready for the latest technology. The antenna also features UN118 compliant cable assemblies which is demanded by the automotive vehicle sector.

The 5G MiMo Sharkee® is suitable for a whole range of vehicle applications. Panorama’s new generation Sharkfin antenna is the ideal solution for regular police fleet vehicle or covert operations. Other emergency service and frontline vehicle fleets would also benefit from its features. It is also suitable for mass transit bus and coaches as well as any utility fleet where connectivity is important.

The next generation Sharkee antenna adds a new dimension to Panorama’s already unrivalled, all-in-one Sharkee SharkFin antenna range” said Robert Jesman, Sales Director of Panorama Antennas. “It has been more than 10 years since Panorama introduced the first Sharkfin antenna to the market, which has redefined the public safety sector and later become the industry standard. Over that time, customer expectations have changed and so have our product offerings, thanks to our design and manufacturing capabilities. With over 74 years’ of RF antennas design expertise, Panorama Antennas engineers have created the unmatched 5G MiMo Sharkee antennas series that will ensure our customers are covered on all bands that their routers offer now and in the future.

The antenna solution is available from Panorama worldwide, through Panorama distribution channels and local resellers.

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