P3 testing of 4G broadband services for public safety

How can public safety and other mission critical users be sure they’ll get adequate service from future broadband networks and operators?

Emergency services in the UK and elsewhere are currently contemplating moving their mission critical voice and data communications to a 4G LTE broadband service provided by a commercial operator. In the meantime it will be important to ensure that there will be no degradation in the overall quality of service that such critical users rely on. Lives are at risk if emergency services communications fail.

Leading international testing, engineering and consulting services company P3 Group has been testing the networks of mobile phone operators around the world for more than 15 years. The company has developed well proven methodologies, respected and referenced by operators themselves, for testing mobile services. The latest P3 white paper describes testing strategies available to critical communications users who want to know what to expect from broadband operator services before adopting them.

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