Outstanding global production and localisation capabilities prove a winning combination for Sepura

Outstanding global production and localisation capabilities prove a winning combination for Sepura

Portugal – Ministry of Internal Affairs delivery – April 2010

As shipments of its TETRA digital radio products keep reaching the four corners of the globe, Sepura is well-established as the leading network-independent supplier of TETRA terminals.

Offering one of the broadest ranges of standard and specialist radio products, support tools and accessories available today, Sepura is both the number one supplier of TETRA radios to the global public safety market and the TETRA market leader in Europe.

Combining leading-edge technical innovation in the TETRA arena, with unparalleled local customer care and support, Sepura is the supplier of choice for customers from a wide variety of market sectors world-wide.

What has propelled Sepura into a market-leading position? Amongst the many things that Sepura does well, it is arguably the company’s ability to leverage its global supply chain and rapidly deliver products closely tailored to the specific local needs of the customer.

Just over a year ago, this unique capability enabled Sepura to complete delivery of 17,000 TETRA radios to the Portuguese Ministry of Internal Affairs in an impressive 10 days, from order placement to shipping. More remarkably, Sepura has also recently delivered on an order for the Fortescue Metals Group Ltd – from the UK to Australia – in 11 days – and in December 2008 supplied 1,200 terminals to the Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland in a record time of only five days. Sepura began to establish its reputation for fast delivery in 2004 when the company was able to fulfil an order for 7,000 radio terminals for the Iraqi Police in just three weeks; this was the first of three major orders from this customer and the all the radios featured a fully integrated GPS and Arabic User interface.

“We consistently perform when it comes to managing the complexity of the supply side and product shipments” says Jens Thostrup, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Sepura. “The flexibility and speed of our supply chain makes it possible for us to encompass the huge number of variants when it comes to languages, key pads and frequency bands with relative ease, fine tuning production to the exact requirements of individual orders in record-breaking time frames.”

Sepura’s industry-leading terminals – developed to meet specific customer requirements – unparalleled customer support and world-class quality production also explain why customers return, time and again, to refresh their TETRA terminal fleets. The Police Forces of Greater Manchester, West Midlands and Thames Valley in the UK, the KMAR Police (Royal Military Police in The Netherlands) and the Swedish Police have all selected Sepura to replenish their TETRA radio communications with the latest cutting-edge technology offerings.

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