Outstanding Contribution to TETRA

Outstanding Contribution to TETRA

8a_Jo.jpgThe TETRA Association Award for Outstanding Contribution to TETRA was presented to Jo Dewaele, one of the leading specialists in the TETRA community, during the TETRA World Congress in Madrid.

Jo’s career in communications began back in the early 1980s when he built his own transmitting equipment. Aged 16, he received his official certificate as a ‘radio operator’.  Since 1994, Jo has worked for ASTRID and was part of the team that outlined the future Belgian radio network for public safety and rescue services. He is currently Product and Project Development Manager.

Jo currently chairs Workgroup I of ETSI Technical Committee TETRA, and is both passionate and committed in promoting TETRA as an open standard that evolves with the requirements of the end users. Apart from being one of the leading specialists in the TETRA community, he has a rare quality in his capacity to translate technical information into a language all TETRA users can understand.

Doug Gray, chairman of the ETSI Technical Committee, said: “The Award is well-deserved recognition for Jo. Through his leadership, he has been instrumental in making user requirements become a product reality.”

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