Order placed for next regular phase of the ACCESSNET®-T network

Order placed for next regular phase of the ACCESSNET-T network
R&S BICK Mobilfunk expands TETRA mobile radio network in Morocco

Munich, 06 November 2006 — Morocco has taken a further step toward a nationwide TETRA network for its security services: In July 2006, R&S BICK Mobilfunk was commissioned by Prime Contractor S.M. Group International (Canada) to expand the existing ACCESSNET-T network for Moroccan General Office of National Security, DGSN (Direction Gnrale de la Sret Nationale). The TETRA network previously installed and successfully operated in Rabat and Casablanca by the Rohde & Schwarz subsidiary already fully meets DGSN’s high safety requirements, which significantly contributed to the decision to expand the network.

In the course of expansion, the two existing ACCESSNET-T networks in Rabat and Casablanca will be connected with each other. At the same time, the highway between the two cities will be provided with radio coverage. The order alsoincludes the setup of the networks in Tangier and Ttouan as well as radio coverage for the coastal highway between these two locations. R&S BICK Mobilfunk is currently installing the network expansion. Operation will start in spring 2007.

After the expansion phase has been completed, the network will operate with three ACCESSNET-T exchanges of the DMX family. The network includes indoor DIB-500 base stations with two or more carriers each. Further important components are two Internet Access Points, the Multi Position TRD-500 dispatcher system with a total of eight clients as well as the A-CAPIApplication Interface. DGSN will itself perform operation, maintenance and monitoring by means of the NMS-500 network management system.

The capability to integrate self-developed applications and to use them by means of the A-CAPIApplication Interface and Internet Access Point via the TETRA system technology was a primary criterion for DGSN. The security services can thus work with applications that allow voice and data transmission. This includes, for example, querying databases for personal identification, access control or image transmission. Moreover, the system’s capabilities make it possible to implement it in other security-related areas, e.g. airports, and also allow additional applications for such areas to be seamless integrated. The ACCESSNET-T system is thus an all-in-one communications platform solution from a single source.

The installed system technology meets the heightened security requirements of the Moroccan security services. Owing to the positive experience with the existing ACCESSNET-T network, DGSN is planning a nationwideexpansion of the network.

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