Operator of Finnish nationwide Tetra network VIRVE once again relies on Airbus Defence and Space

Finland continues to invest in Tetra technology to guarantee users uninterrupted network performance and quality of service 

Airbus Defence and Space has been awarded a major contract for the modernisation of the Finnish nationwide Tetra network VIRVE, operated by State Security Networks Ltd. The purpose of the 30 million euro frame contract is to renew about one third of the Tetra network’s elements and to update software over the next five years. It aims to ensure the high functionality and performance of the radio network far into the future and supports the customer’s long-term strategy. 

VIRVE currently serves around 34,000 subscribers from all public safety and security services (police, fire, social, health and ambulance services) and armed forces in Finland and is an important element for the country’s security-related situations, guaranteeing its users uninterrupted network performance and quality of service. Thus, the functioning of the technical systems of the network has to be assured during the whole renewal process. 

The renewal covers the exchange of crucial components of the core network, including 450 base stations. A “disaster recovery solution” will allow an even better functioning of the radio communication in extreme conditions, such as storms, flooding etc. which might cause damage to the network’s hardware or transmission lines. 

Jarmo Vinkvist, CEO of Suomen Virveverkko Oy, said: “Finnish emergency and security services rely heavily on the communications systems provided through VIRVE. Tetra will remain our technology for mobile voice communications in the public safety sector for years to come. Thus, we are continuing our investment efforts in this technology.” 

Nicole Lecca, Head of Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space, said: “The Finnish emergency and security services are one of our longest-standing customers. This renewal contract is very important for us, as it illustrates confidence in Airbus Defence and Space. Moreover, it clearly shows that Tetra will remain an essential asset for mission-critical voice communications in the next decade.” 

The VIRVE network is owned and operated by Suomen Virveverkko Oy, part of the State Security Networks Group. It was the world’s first nationwide Tetra technology-based public safety mobile network, introduced in 2002. 

Timo Lehtimäki (right), CEO of State Security Networks Ltd and Hans Holmberg (left), CEO of Airbus Defence and Space Oy, signing the VIRVE frame contract. 

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