Opening of the EADS Defence & Security Professional Mobile Communication Network (TETRA) for Bulgarian Security Forces in Bourgas

Opening of EADS Defence & SecurityPMC Network for Bulgarian Security Forces in Bourgas

-Opening of the TETRA network by the Minister of Interior
-With 56 mobile communication sites, TETRA currently covers 52% of Bulgarian territory
-Result of a long term cooperation between the Bulgarian authorities and EADS Defence & Security

1 July 2009 – Today in Bourgas, the Bulgarian Minister of Interior, Mr. Mihail Mikov officially inaugurated a completed phase of the TETRA network for the Bulgarian Security Forces. According to him, “Secure and reliable communication is one of the prerequisites for successful crisis operations performed by our security forces. The TETRA network provides innovative digital communication services and a comprehensive dispatching system for our government, ensuring high security, extensive coverage and excellent reliability.”

At the end of December 2008, the Bulgarian Finance Minister awarded EADS Defence & Security (DS) the contract to deliver a turnkey extension of the TETRA network to the Bulgarian Border Police. The network extension, covering 52% of the Bulgarian territory, is planned to be fully operational by the end of 2009.

EADS Defence & Security has already delivered the network currently in use by the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior and for which the cooperation dates back to 2002.

The increased population concentration in a globalised environment requires advanced safety and crisis management. Immediate and comprehensive situational awareness is one of the most critical parameters leading to the coordination of security forces towards efficient management of a critical situation. Providing adequate public safety in the event of natural catastrophes, man-made disasters, terrorism attacks and preventing international crime were some of the major motivations of the Bulgarian Government for installing a nationwide “Professional Mobile Communication System”. The TETRA system provides the Bulgarian Security Forces with the capability to decide and act on a solid awareness basis in the case of any emergency situation.

“We are entrusted to deliver a system providing communication features which are far beyond the capability of a public radio communication network. To comply with the need for inter-agency cooperation and mission critical communication, the EADS Defence & Security system provides features like “priority management”, “pre-emptive emergency calls”, “group calls” and “information encryption” in addition to many other communication methods required by the security forces to manage a crisis situations in a superior manner.” said Dirk Borchardt, Head of Security & Communication Solutions in EADS Defence & Security. EADS Defence & Security (DS) is a world leading provider of mission-critical communication and Command & Control solutions through its line of business Security & Communication Solutions (SCS).

DS is a systems solutions provider for armed forces and civil security worldwide. Its portfolio ranges from sensors and secure networks through missiles to aircraft and UAVs as well as global security, service and support solutions. In 2008, DS – with around 23,000 employees – achieved revenues of 5.7 billion. EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2008, EADS generated revenues of 43.3 billion and employed a workforce of about 118,000.

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