Nottinghamshire Police renew contract with Sepura

Nottinghamshire Police have once again placed their trust in Sepura, submitting an order for 3000 hand-held radios to refresh their existing fleet. 

The Force chose the SRH3900 sGPS – which features GPS and Short Data Application (SDA) support – for its rugged design, clear audio and extensive data capability. Another deciding factor was the radio’s continued compatibility with all products throughout the SRH series, as well as compatibility with other forces in the East Midlands Police Collaboration Programme (EMPCP), who also use Sepura radios. 

The EMPCP is the largest programme of its kind in the UK, serving a population of 4.5 million over an area of more than 6,000 square miles. Under the collaboration, the five forces of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire work together to tackle crime. All other forces in the region currently use Sepura radios. 

“Smooth communication is vital to our operations,” said Phill Charlton, Airwave Infrastructure Manager/Force Crypto Custodian for Nottinghamshire Police. 

“We’ve worked with Sepura since 2004, and have always been very satisfied with their radios, as well as the quality of support they offer. We are happy to retain Sepura as our supplier, both to maintain efficient critical communications 24/7, and to reduce costs on training and back office infrastructure.”  

“We are naturally delighted to continue our relationship with Nottinghamshire Police, and the East Midlands region as a whole,” said Gary Maughan, Sepura’s Regional Director for the UK and Ireland.

“Repeat custom is a clear sign that we’re getting it right, both in terms of product and the level of service we provide, and we are pleased that we’ll once again have the opportunity to contribute to the Force’s operational efficiency and the safety of their officers.  Our successful collaboration with this Force reiterates Sepura’s commitment to the long term evolution of mission critical communications in the UK.”

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