Nordic Countries Expand Cross-Border TETRA Communication

Inter System Interoperability (ISI) initiative for improved mission-critical communications

  • Finland and Norway sign Letter of Intent at Critical Communications Europe in Copenhagen to connect national public safety networks using Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) Inter-System Interface (ISI).
  • Project follows first cross-border TETRA ISI, established between Norway and Sweden in 2016 with the support of Motorola Solutions.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – February 9, 2017Motorola Solutions is one of the driving forces behind the new cross-border collaboration project in the Nordic countries, which will enable public safety organisations to communicate across borders. As TETRA supplier of Norway’s nationwide public safety communications network Nødnett, Motorola Solutions contributes its comprehensive expertise in implementing ISI between Norway and Finland.   The representatives of the Norwegian Nødnett and Finnish VIRVE network signed a Letter of Intent at the Critical Communications Europe event in Copenhagen on February 8. The signing marks an important milestone for cross-border communication between both countries where the two fully independent national public safety networks can be connected.   Motorola Solutions has already proven its expertise by successfully supporting the connection between the national security networks in Norway and Sweden, which was established in 2016. In both countries, public safety group members are now able to communicate across borders and join forces with their colleagues on the other side of the border using their TETRA systems.   The initiative for enhanced co-operation between national public safety networks goes back to an EU-funded Inter Systems Interoperability initiative (ISITEP) for improved response in natural disasters and security threats. As one partner of this project, Motorola Solutions has supported the goal of modernizing the ISI standard to ISI over IP connections, based on its vast experience in the implementation of nationwide TETRA systems for mission-critical communications in public safety.   “During our longstanding collaboration with the Norwegian public safety organizations, we have been working closely with the Directorate for Emergency Communication (DNK)”, said Michael Kaae, MSSSI vice president Northern Europe, Motorola Solutions. “Together, we have established a robust connection between the mission-critical communications systems in Norway and Sweden based on ISI. The new cross-border connection between Norway and Finland is a further milestone for us, especially in our role as a member of the ISITEP consortium.”   Resources: Motorola Solutions Smart Public Safety Solutions Learn more about the Nødnett project

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