Nokia delivers managed infrastructure services for BDBOS public safety network

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced that it has been selected to provide technical, maintenance and management services for the German nationwide BDBOS public safety digital radio network. Nokia launched successfully in December 2020 with all services and logistics sites equipped and ready for deployment, with employees trained and fully operational.

Over an initial four-year contract, Nokia will support mission-critical communications infrastructure across German national, federal and local Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) agencies. By delivering an extensive range of managed infrastructure services, Nokia will ensure the highest levels of network availability.

With responsibility for system upgrades at base station sites, Nokia will support a network-wide IP migration program that will involve more than 8,000 technical modifications. By delivering this service, as part of the BDBOS Midlife Upgrade program, Nokia will help to migrate Digitalfunk BOS network from TETRA TDM to IP. This will simplify system architecture, increase flexibility and facilitate integration with associated communications systems.

Frank Buddrus, Vice President, BDBOS, said: “With its technical expertise, services track record and public safety domain knowledge, Nokia will help manage the next phase in the future of BOS Digitalfunknetz. We look forward to working in close partnership with Nokia to raise standards even higher in our service to German citizens and public safety organizations.”

In addition to technical and maintenance services, Nokia will be responsible for process change and equipment life-cycle management, third-party equipment supply, network documentation, and data and service level management. It will also manage integration of third-party products and parties as well as close co-ordination with regulatory authorities.

Friedrich Trawoeger, Vice President, Nokia Cloud and Cognitive Services, said: “It is highly prestigious for Nokia to work as a strategic partner with BDBOS on the Digitalfunknetz, which is a world-leading PPDR communications system. In addition to our services know-how, we will also bring our public safety experience, which incorporates knowledge of the specific process and procedure requirements essential for working in a high-profile, mission-critical public service environment. We look forward to help usher in a new era for BDBOS as we play our part in its migration into a more IP-based architecture.”

The BDBOS network has more than 962,000 subscribers and handles approximately 47 million calls each month. The network enables fast, reliable nationwide, cross-organizational communications and facilitates efficient and safe implementation of complex missions – especially in crisis and disaster situations.

The BDBOS network is the world’s largest based on the international TETRA standard, which incorporates more than 4,800 base stations and provides radio coverage for 99.2 percent of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Nokia helps public safety agencies use broadband networks and digital technologies to improve the effectiveness of first responders, address threats proactively and make faster, more informed decisions. Nokia services and solutions enable PPDR agencies to bring new levels of intelligence, responsiveness and efficiency to public safety operations.

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