Next-Generation Hardware Platforms are based on AdvancedTCA

Next-Generation Hardware Platforms are based on AdvancedTCA

From the beginning, Rohill’s TetraNode has been based on open hardware platforms. The choice to adapt open hardware platforms has contributed significantly to its success.

Currently, TetraNode systems are supplied using CompactPCI and PCI-based rack-mounted server PC systems, both of which are based on open standards with roots in the PC industry. The CompactPCI platform is most suitable for telecom applications that require high availability, with features such as hot-swap. However, CompactPCI is primarily targeted at industrial applications, and lacks some of the requirements for telecom applications, which include the support of Central Office (CO) power supplies and compliance with Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS).

This gap is now filled by the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA) standard. AdvancedTCA is the next-generation hardware platform for high reliability and high availability applications. AdvancedTCA has been endorsed by most of the major Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs), with Intel, Motorola and Kontron, amongst others. AdvancedTCA meets the most stringent requirements for Central Office equipment, is well suited for IP-centric products and services, and fully supports today’s open-standards architectures. Extremely robust mechanical and electrical definitions are additional practical benefits of the AdvancedTCA platform.

Rohill is now able to supply TetraNode systems based on AdvancedTCA. This new choice offers the ultimate in reliability and availability, and is the most future-proof technology available today. The soft-switching concept of TetraNode fits perfectly with the AdvancedTCA architecture, which includes switched-fabric Ethernet offering no-single-point-of-failure.

With the introduction of the AdvancedTCA platform, Rohill offers a truly open-standards based no-single-point-of-failure platform providing seamless redundancy. Virtually no interruption in service is noticed during takeover by the redundant hardware, and with the new software-based TetraNode SimulSwitchTM technology, even ongoing calls are maintained.

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