New two-way messaging service launched

New two-way messaging service launched

Airwave, the leading provider of critical voice and data communications to public service organisations in the UK, has launched TETRA Messenger a secure, resilient, two-way messaging and alerting solution.

Designed specifically for emergency response organisations, TETRA Messenger runs over the Airwave Network enabling users to realise significant cash savings through enhanced resource deployment.

According to David Sangster, UK services director at Airwave: Customers will quickly record improvements to their operational performance as a result of better incident management. And, by managing workforce resources more efficiently, an organisations performance increases, providing better service to the communities they support.

The two-way text messaging device operates on the existing network and replaces outdated, analogue (POCSAG) paging systems and networks.

With the inclusion of status messaging, future location-based services and a panic button, TETRA Messenger helps improve the safety of their staff and extended workforce, and tracks their status on an ongoing basis.

It is a robust messaging device with the added benefit of receipt acknowledgement. It is simple and easy to use and offers the user the functionality to store up to 40 pre-defined messages. TETRA Messenger also offers roadmap GPS functionality, is configurable and cuts all unsolicited messaging, adds David.

In essence, TETRA Messenger helps improve emergency response outcome and ensures that employers are able to meet their duty of care responsibilities. This confidence also means that emergency response organisations can provide their service in high risk areas.


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