New HTT-500 Handportable by Teltronic

New HTT-500 Handportable by Teltronic

Frankfurt, November 29th- TELTRONIC announces its new TETRA handportable HTT-500. The TETRA World Congress 2005 is the frame for such a remarkable launching where press and TETRA experts discover its features. HTT-500 most important feature is RF power: 3W, then approximately doubling the coverage obtained with other handsets which typically bring 1W. This advantage makes the difference in mission critical environments. HTT-500 is also powerful in audio: 1W, so allowing its use in noisy conditions. Moreover, HTT-500 is powerful and friendly with its big size, high resolution, high light intensity colour display. All RF, audio and display powers are possible without losing battery autonomy: the standard HTT-500 unit is equipped with a powerful 1800 mAh battery, which brings 14 hours of continuous work at 3 watts, or 18 hours when configured at 1 watt. The HTT-500 can be programmed to use 3W for emergency calls only, then taking advantage of its high power when it is really needed. All this power is possible with a light weight: 350gr.

>Dead man feature; optional latest generation state-of-the-art GPS; optional bluetooth connectivity; AIE TEA 1, 2 & 3 and several optional E2E encryption algorithms are available. Deliveries will start on July 2006 (380-400 Mhz and 410-430 Mhz) and December 2006 (450-470 Mhz and 806-870 Mhz).

The HTT-500 absolutely complies with all relevant SAR regulations, so its use is completely healthy and safe.

“The launching of the highly RF powered 3 W HTT-500- says Jos Manuel Martn, Vicepresidente Teltronic- is one more step of TELTRONIC towards a growing leadership, following the way of innovation, and addressing the requirements of our customers”.

The last year’s successes in Argentina (Neuquen Police, with 36 sites, and Repsol-YPF, with a widely spread network along all its oil processing plants in the country), in Russia (Moscow-St.Petersburg Railway, with 51 sites), in Chile (Santiago Metro, with 7 sites), in Brazil (Secretary of Security of the State of Bahia, with 22 sites), in Korea (Incheon Police, with 11 sites), in Spain (Zaragoza Police, with 8 sites) and many other projects make TELTRONIC a World referente today.

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