New General Manager at PrioCom

New General Manager at PrioCom

New General Manager at PrioCom

René Schenk has been appointed as General Manager at PrioCom. Previously René was responsible for the Business Partner Organisation at KPN. He has taken over this position from Angelo Bul. Angelo will be joining the management board of Mission Critical Solutions on 1st January 2020 where he will be responsible for the commerce.

The strengthening of PrioCom’s management team will facilitate the further expansion of PrioCom’s unique position in the rapidly growing market for critical communication on mobile networks.

About PrioCom

PrioCom’s mission is to guarantee critical communication and application services over commercial mobile networks for customers who require absolute reliability to safeguard their business operations. PrioCom is the only mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) specifically geared for mission-critical communication. This is provided through T-Mobile’s 4G mobile network. Check the website for more information.

About Mission Critical Solutions

Mission Critical Solutions is a group of specialised companies, including Flash Private Mobile Networks, 2WAY BV and PrioCom BV. MCS is a leading organisation thanks to its extensive experience, long history and wide range of technological solutions in the field of business and mission-critical communication. Check the website for more information. 

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