New ES-100 ad-hoc system: React quickly in an emergency

Bad Münder, November 9 2018

Hytera’s new ES-100 ad-hoc system allows you to quickly establish communication in the event of an emergency – particularly when conventional systems such as cell phone networks or landlines have dropped out. This is because the ES-100 can be set up in a matter of minutes and is designed to be deployed easily and flexibly at any time in the most challenging of environments.

Its reliability and robustness make it stand out. Hytera Mobilfunk will be presenting the new ad-hoc system at the PMRExpo 2018 in Cologne from 27th–29th November (Koelnmesse Hall 10, Stand E02).

This innovative system solution from Hytera is DMR-based and consists of mobile digital wireless ad-hoc repeaters as well as permanently fixed digital wireless ad-hoc repeaters that quickly and independently connect to each other upon switching on. Patented by Hytera, this is currently the only procedure of its kind. The ES-100 can therefore not only provide coverage in the event of a catastrophe, but also in difficult-to-access areas (e.g. nature reserves, remote mountain and forest regions) with no need for a pre-existing connection infrastructure.

Therefore, the system is also ideal for coordinating rescue efforts, for example in the event of fires, floods or earthquakes, when existing infrastructure has been destroyed.

The ES-100 can also be used to provide event-specific radio communications for a limited period of time, e.g. to aid special task forces in crime prevention or to facilitate open-air events.

E-pack 100 – radio, repeater, network node

At the heart of the ES-100 ad-hoc system is a network composed of at least two E-pack 100 units. The Hytera E-pack 100 combines three functions in a single device: Firstly, it can be used as a radio to make and receive group calls. The innovative device also functions as a DMR repeater and a mesh network node with a single frequency. Up to 32 E-pack 100 units can be automatically combined into a wireless network, which can then be used for communicating via all DMR Tier II handheld radios from the Hytera product range.

For special situations in which a mobile infrastructure is still available, an E-pack 100 can also be connected with the ES-100 network via the cell phone network (GSM) to participate in communications. Additionally, every E-pack 100 – provided it is fitted with a SIM card – can be contacted with a mobile phone via a public cell phone network in the event of an emergency. This makes it possible to coordinate task forces all over the world.

The E-pack 100 fulfills all the requirements of the standards MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and IP67 and is therefore ideal for deployment in harsh environments. Its powerful battery guarantees operation for up to ten hours and can easily be changed by hand.

The E-pack 100 is not only extremely flexible in the way that it functions: Thanks to its own specially designed rucksack, it can also be comfortably carried around for long periods of time. Consequently, it is a worthy companion for task force personnel that find themselves in hazardous territory with limited accessibility and no existing infrastructure to fall back on, allowing them to operate efficiently in the event of earthquakes, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, avalanches or rescue missions in mountainous regions, etc.

E-pole 100 – digital wireless ad-hoc repeater for permanent installation

The product range of the ES-100 ad-hoc system from Hytera also includes the E-pole 100 – a digital wireless repeater that has additionally been designed for permanent installation on masts, building walls and in vehicles.

The device has the same functionality as the E-pack 100: It also functions as a mesh network node and can independently establish a wireless connection with up to 32 E-packs or E-poles. In combination with additional E-poles and E-packs, it provides quick, stable and extensive wireless communications coverage. Areas of application for the E-pole 100 can include offshore wind farms, tunnels and difficult-to-access areas for use on a permanent basis. Another potential application scenario is the permanent installation of the system in vehicles for wireless communication in convoys, e.g. for personal protection purposes.

E-center – mobile operations control center

The E-center functions as a mobile coordination workstation to manage the deployment of forces and forms part of the ES-100 communications network (sending and receiving). Another coordination task involves the management of task forces on the basis of their current GPS positions. This involves a digital map on which the position of every group member can be displayed. The E-center consists of three fold-out flat screen monitors and a fully equipped weatherproof keyboard. A microphone and loudspeaker are provided for radio communication, along with a PTT button. Additionally, the E-center is equipped with standardized USB and LAN interfaces. Battery operation is possible, thanks to an additional battery of the same type as in the E-pack 100. The E-center features a 12-volt DC connection (for supplying power from a vehicle).

All three devices of the ES-100 will be presented at the PMRExpo.

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