Netherlands and Belgium approve Sepura STP8000 radio

Netherlands and Belgium approve Sepura STP8000 radio

Sepura’s new STP8000 hand-held radio has been formally certified by national authorities in both the Netherlands and in Belgium for use by their public safety users.

In the Netherlands, it is now available in the online LARA-2 catalogue for Dutch national C2000 emergency services users, which includes police and certain fire, and ambulance services.

The radio has also been approved for use by ASTRID for the emergency services in Belgium.

Richard Redgrave, Sepura Regional Director for both the Netherlands and Belgium, said: “This now opens the door for more than 100,000 public safety users in these countries to begin buying the STP8000 radio.”

“Our new radio has already attracted considerable interest among the police, fire and ambulance sectors and Sepura and Abiom, our Benelux regional distribution partner, are fully geared up to support these largely replacement markets.”

“This ground-breaking radio is designed to function in the most physically challenging environments where workers demand ruggedness, durability – and high performance.”

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