Nebraska County Goes Beyond Call of Duty with Highly Affordable 9-1-1 Deployment

Douglas County puts Motorola Solutions’ computer-aided dispatch on virtual platform allowing dispatchers easy access to centrally shared resources 

  • Douglas County reduced costs 67 percent by using a virtual platform to implement Motorola Solutions’ PremierOne™ computer-aided dispatch (CAD)
  • Virtual CAD deployments allow centrally located hardware and software to be shared between agencies, helping save taxpayers money by not requiring expensive technology at each position
  • Call takers and dispatchers using PremierOne CAD have access to a full suite of applications and features from any virtual workstation running the software, helping save time in an emergency 

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – Nov. 30, 2015 – Douglas County, Nebraska, officials were faced with the same public safety communications challenges as many other communities across the country – how to do more with fewer resources while efficiently using taxpayer dollars. When it came time to replace an old 9-1-1 computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system that handles approximately 600,000 calls each year, Douglas County chose to have Motorola Solutions’ (NYSE:MSI) PremierOne™ CAD deployed on a virtual platform, allowing dispatchers simple access to centrally shared resources, saving time and money.
A virtual platform centralizes CAD hardware and software resources, creating virtual workstations within the dispatch center where all existing dispatch positions can use the same resources. This set-up resulted in a 67 percent reduction in equipment costs for Douglas County. Instead of purchasing expensive equipment for each of the 32 dispatch positions, the virtual platform allows technology such as high-end video cards and data processing applications to be stored on one server and shared between multiple users and dispatch centers.
“As we’ve migrated through the technology and virtualized Motorola Solutions’ software, the cost savings and ability to share resources has been exceptional,” said Mark Conrey, communications director, Douglas County. “Instead of installing a $2,000 computer at every CAD operator’s workstation, the county can spend $400 on a virtual machine and get better technical capabilities and performance while saving taxpayers’ money.”  
Call takers and dispatchers using PremierOne CAD are able to access the system from any virtual workstation running the software, helping save time in an emergency. Having consistent user configurations requires less set up and management for each workstation, making it easier for support staff to manage each position. The virtual platform also provides a boost to Douglas County’s network by giving users access to high-speed Ethernet connections that may have been too expensive for the county to purchase on its own.
“The three dispatch centers using Motorola Solutions’ PremierOne CAD in a virtualized environment have seen an immediate improvement in collaboration between agencies,” said Tom Guthrie, vice president, Motorola Solutions’ Smart Public Safety Solutions. “For the dispatcher it means a quicker response to callers, access to information from virtually anywhere and seamless integration with surrounding county systems.”
At the same time, Douglas County officials added additional Smart Public Safety Solutions by integrating PremierOne Records into its CAD and Premier Mobile Data Computer for officers in the field. PremierOne Records simplifies the capture, storage and retention of data, which can further improve the county’s ability to securely share information with other agencies. Premier Mobile Data Computer gives users access to CAD information about a situation while en route to the scene.
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