Mumbai Metro and Delhi Airport Express Link choose Motorola

Mumbai Metro and Delhi Airport Express Link Choose Motorola’s TETRA Communication System for Maximum Passenger Safety and Operational Efficiency
September 09, 2009

New Delhi, September 09, 2009 – Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT) announced today that Delhi Airport Metro Express Link and Mumbai Metro have both chosen Motorola’s TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) digital radio communication platform to ensure mission-critical communication across their rail networks. These contracts follow a series of other strategic contracts won by Motorola to provide mission-critical TETRA communication networks to Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad International airports, as well as the prestigious Delhi Metro project.

Bangalore and Hyderabad International , as well as the prestigious Delhi Metro project.Under the contracts Motorola will supply its scalable Dimetra IP system, an enhanced IP-based TETRA solution. Dimetra IP is highly flexible and scalable and can support voice, messaging and mobile applications, including remote access to data and data transmission over a single network. The system will enable secure, always-on mobile voice and data channels, and is capable of full interoperability across multiple user segments to improve operational efficiency and achieve fail-safe seamless communications essential for ensuring passenger safety and security.

Announcing the wins, Subodh Vardhan, director sales and country head, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Motorola India, said “The cornerstone of any mass rapid transit system is robust and fail-safe instant communication to ensure safety of commuters and optimum operational efficiency. Motorola’s next-generation TETRA solution offers the right mix of mission-critical voice and data communication for seamless connectivity and real-time information to support critical functions, and also to enable a secure interoperable communication platform for emergency situations. With over 500 digital mission-critical networks successfully rolled out worldwide, including major strategic projects in India, we are very pleased to be bringing in our global learning to meet the stringent standards of these two metro projects in India.”

Mumbai Metro

The Mumbai Metro project is a critical part of the future transportation infrastructure of Mumbai. In its first phase, the metro line will transport six hundred thousand commuters per day and will provide the city of over 12 million people with benefits such as faster, smoother and safer travel as well as a non-polluting and energy efficient transport system. Passenger safety and an efficient network are of paramount importance and to achieve this, the communication system must be fail-safe, offer high redundancy, be very sophisticated and offer both voice and data communication to run a host of critical functions and application suites, as well as be the primary tool in times of an emergency. Motorola’s scalable Dimetra IP solution offers all this and much more, by supporting not only voice, but also messaging and mobile applications, including real time monitoring of trains, dynamic passenger information system and remote access to data over a single network.

Delhi Airport Metro Express Link

The Airport Metro Express Link is the new 22.7 km high-speed metro rail link connecting the heart of the capital city of New Delhi to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. For a high-speed metro, fail-safe, seamless voice and data communication are essential to ensure effective communication and the safe functioning of the trains as they operate at high speeds. Motorola’s TETRA system features a customized computer aided dispatch (CAD) system and failure monitoring which makes dispatch operations for passenger trains and maintenance more efficient and more reliable. The Delhi Airport Express Line project is scheduled for completion prior to the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

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