Motorola Wins Olympic Support Project for Beijing Capital Airport Express Rail

8 January, 2008

Motorola Wins Olympic Support Project for Beijing Capital Airport Express Rail

First unpiloted rail line in China supported by Motorola Tetra Digital Trunk Radio System

BEIJING, CHINA – Motorola, Inc.officially announced that its TETRA digital trunk radio communications system was chosen by the Beijing Dongzhimen Airport Express Rail Co., Ltd., for the Beijing Capital Airport Express Rail Project. Since this will be the first unpiloted rail line in all of China’s train dispatching operations, having secure and “always on” communication is absolutely critical.

The Motorola TETRA digital trunk radio system will provide efficient and reliable support for the rail system’s automatic dispatch and overall transportation management. Motorola’s radio communications solution is complex and large. It involves trunk ground base stations, two trunk underground base stations, 114 user terminals, 20 trunk vehicle-mounted stations, seven fixed stations as well as various applications that integrate radio communications into the daily operation of the Capital Airport’s express rail.

“It’s a great privilege to be part of this “first” for the Beijing airport transportation system” said Chew Hocksiong, general manager of Motorola China Government and Public Security of Enterprise Mobility Solutions. “Through our expertise in transportation communications and our advanced digital trunk radio system technology, we believe we are contributing in a small way to the safe passage of visitors and Beijing citizens during and after the 2008 Olympics.”

Motorola will work closely on implementation with the express rail’s general contractor, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No. 54th Research Institute.

As a support project of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the express rail spans 28 km, starting from the Dongzhimen traffic hub and linking the No. 13, No.2 and No. 10 subways. Reaching speeds of 110 km/hr, the express rail will take a mere 16 minutes from Dongzhimen to the Capitol Airport. Trial operations are expected to start on July 1, 2008.

The rail system will be an effective way to alleviate pressure on the Capital Airport’s currently overburdened transportation system. Reliable and efficient radio dispatching communications will ensure normal and safe operation of the express rail. The decision was made to adopt high technology because of the need for smoothly flowing traffic between midtown Beijing and the Capital Airport. Cutting-edge and sophisticated communications solutions were seen as a key element in the traffic solution and were carefully reviewed and selected as the rail system’s construction progressed.

Motorola has a great deal of experience in the transit sector. The company has a long-established working relationship with the Beijing subway and has handled all the TETRA contracts for Beijing’s urban rail transit routes. In addition, Motorola has undertaken projects for the Guangzhou subway, Tianjin light railway, Tianjin subway, Shanghai subway, Nanjing subway, Xinyi-Changxing railway and Kowloon-Guangzhou railway.

TETRA is an open digital trunk radio standard stipulated by European Telecommunications Standards Institute, which can cater to the highest requirements of mobile radio professionals.

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