Motorola Wins Largest TETRA Terminal Award from German Federal Ministry of Interior

Motorola Wins Largest TETRA Terminal Award from German Federal Ministry of Interior

Contract includes the delivery of approximately 53,000 TETRA digital radio terminals – Motorolas largest single public safety TETRA terminal contract in Europe

IDSTEIN, Germany – 31 March, 2010 – The Enterprise Mobility Solutions business of Motorola, Inc(NYSE: MOT),a world leading provider of mission critical communications solutions, today announced that it will supply the Central Procurement Office of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (Beschaffungsamt des Bundesministeriums des Innern – BMI) with an estimated 53,000 TETRA digital two-way radios. This is the largest award from the federal government and regional states for a TETRA terminal rollout in Germany. It also represents the largest single public safety contract ever received by Motorola in Europe for TETRA radio devices and one of the largest TETRA contracts in the world.

Over the next three years Motorola will supply the federal public safety users, which includes the federal police (Bundespolizei), the federal criminal police (Bundeskriminalamt), the German federal agency for technical relief (Technisches Hilfswerk), German customs and other public safety bodies withportable and mobile TETRA terminals as well as accessories and services.

The contract includes portable and mobile TETRA radios including a tailored vehicle solution to aid the migration of users from existing analogue radio services to the new TETRA network. In addition, Motorola will provide its “integrated Terminal Management” (iTM) solution to centrally manage the configuration of each radio. This significant win for Motorola continues to build the company’s reputation as the leading supplier of TETRA terminals for mission critical communications. The German Federal Ministry of Interior contract follows other recent terminal wins in the country for Motorola. German regional authorities that have adopted Motorola’s TETRA radio standards include Berlin, Thuringia and Schleswig-Holstein.

The contract includes the new MTP850FuG handheld, an easy-to-use and robust device that includes core features such as secure, reliable voice and data communications. It also incorporates additional features to comply with German public safety authority standards and requirements.

The key safety features incorporated into the MTP850FuG are:

  • End-to-end encryption compliant withFederal Office for Information Security (BSI) standards
  • Compliant with BOS (Behrden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben – German public safety authorities) functional requirements
  • Transmission power of up to 1.8 watts for extended coverage, especially in Direct Mode Operation (DMO)
  • FMS (Funk-Melde-System) status application and acoustic receipt function, for fast and efficient communications
  • A “Man Down” feature that sends an alert to the dispatcher if the radio does not move in a given period of time or tilts past a defined angle

These and other features help end-users to migrate easily from their existing analogue devices to the new TETRA digital radio. The rugged terminals offer public safety users an easy-to-use interface, which has been developed specifically to ensure the devices are intuitive to operate and therefore meet the needs of the mission critical end-user.

Another key element of the contract is the supply of customised vehicle solutions, where the new TETRA mobile radio can be installed alongside existing analogue radios, allowing communications between the existing analogue and TETRA systems – while providing a simple user interface. This supports the migration of users’ radio services from the old analogue to TETRA digital radio technology.

Motorola will also supply its Integrated Terminal Management (iTM) solution that will allow the users groups of the federal governmentto remotely manage the software and configurations of every radio terminal from a central location. Based on an enterprise-grade client-server architecture, iTM operates over a standard IP network, which allows the customer to integrate iTM seamlessly into their existing IT networks for enhanced security. The iTM solution improves the speed and reliability with which software updates and radio-configuration changes can be carried out across the whole system. This contributes to officer safety as well as efficient management and security of the terminals.

“We are delighted to supply the Central Procurement Office of the German Federal Ministry of Interior with perhaps the largest number of TETRA terminals ever covered within a single award. This is an exciting step for Motorola as we will deliver our TETRA terminals to federal organisations across the entire country and pays testimony to our competitiveness and leadership position as we continue to strive for excellence in the deployment of mission critical solutions,” said Manuel Torres, corporate vice president and general manager, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions Business, EMEA. “The end-user is always at the forefront of our terminal development and the MTP850FuG is the perfect example of this approach: It is a rugged and intuitive device designed for the needs and specifications of public safety users in the German market.”

The Motorola TETRA portfolio includes infrastructure solutions, terminals, applications and services that are used in more than 90 countries worldwide. To date, the company has been able to maintain its leading position in the sector of TETRA digital radio solutions. The rugged, intuitively operated products from Motorola already undergo extensive tests during the development phase to ensure high quality and reliable handling even under extreme conditions.

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