Motorola Trials TETRA Network Underground during War Game Simulation Within The Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland

Motorola Trials TETRA Network Underground during War Game Simulation Within The Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland

Basingstoke, UK – 8 May 2008 – Motorola Inc. (NYSE:MOT) today announced its trial of a TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) communications network in Poland within the chambers of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, 130 meters underground. The critical communications network has been pushed to the extreme through a war game simulation as part of the “Freedom and Security” conference in Poland. The system provided a secure radio network both: on surface and underground.

Attendees at the conference were able to emerge themselves in a crisis management war game scenario and see how the private radio network can be used during an emergency or crisis situation. The demo allowed users to experience the Dimetra IP Compact solution, putting communication networks to the test under the simulated crisis pressures.

The Dimetra IP Compact solution offers users the choice of structured deployment where customers can start with a basic voice system and add features and capacity as their needs grow. The solution also offers other key functions, including data transfer, rapid deployment in emergency and mission critical scenarios and is available in a wide range of frequency bands to suit existing and emerging markets.

The war game simulation included the deployment of Dimetra IP Compact switch, two MTS-2 base stations and MTP850 handheld radios for voice communication, allowing users to connect with each other whilst involved in the simulation. Approximately 200 people attended the conference from the following industries: government, public safety agencies, municipalities, local administration, utilities and the IT industry.

The trial has demonstrated the advances made within next generation TETRA networks and has shown the innovative ways in which the technology can be used.

“Providing effective and secure networks is second nature to Motorola and we believe our key involvement in the development of TETRA technology will support our customer’s critical communication needs today and in the future” stated Jacek Piotrowski, sales director, Motorola, Poland. “TETRA is now not only being used by emergency services and specialist agencies, but is also being deployed as a communications tool for businesses and people in real life crisis situations.”

TETRA can cater to the highest standards of all mobile radio professionals and has been proven to operate flawlessly in numerous crises. TETRA can provide a secure and robust mission critical communication infrastructure in the face of failing public and commercial systems which have in the past been deemed ineffective due to traffic volumes on existing radio networks.

Media Contact:
Stephanie Forrest
Global Communications Director, Business & Technology, Motorola Inc.

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