Motorola Solutions Wins 21,000 TETRA Terminals Tender in Brandenburg, Germany

Tender includes delivery of TETRA digital radios, accessories, logistics, support and IT services as well as installation of digital radio technology in police and non-police vehicles of the public safety organisations

IDSTEIN, Germany – 31 January, 2013 – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI), a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions, has been selected in the latest tender of the German federal state of Brandenburg and will supply TETRA digital radio solutions to security authorities and organisations (Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben, BOS). The 21,000 digital two-way radios plus accessories and supporting services will be used by the police, emergency services, as well as public and private fire departments in Brandenburg.

The order includes the delivery of approx. 15,000 MTP850 FuG and MTP850 Ex TETRA handheld digital radios as well as about 6,000 MTM800 FuG TETRA vehicle mobile radios. In addition to the delivery of TETRA terminals and accessories, Motorola is also responsible for equipping public safety vehicles, including the installation of digital radio technology at BOS and non-police BOS. The tender also covers project management and training as well as logistics, support and IT services. The radio solutions from Motorola were specially developed in accordance with the requirements of German security authorities and organisations, and will ensure secure and reliable voice and data communication for the public safety organisations in Brandenburg.

With this latest win Motorola again demonstrates its leading role in delivering trusted mission critical solutions worldwide and in Germany. Motorola has been supplying TETRA digital radios and equipment as well as associated management and other services to a number of German security authorities and organisations ever since the first TETRA invitations to tender in 2009. These include security forces in Berlin, Hessen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia and federal security organisations. Recently, Motorola delivered the 100,000th TETRA digital radio terminal to German BOS. Moreover, Motorola has been the first provider to receive the certification for its complete TETRA terminal portfolio from the German Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Security Authorities and Organisations (BDBOS). The global Motorola Competence Centre for TETRA digital radio is located in Berlin.



  • TETRA digital two-way radio solutions from Motorola are characterised by robust design and intuitive operation. The FuG series supports end-to-end encryption, in accordance with the requirements of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), for tap-proof communication. The radio makes use of an easy-to-use cell phone like interface which speeds adoption as users are more familiar with how to operate the radio.
  • The contract with the federal state of Brandenburg contains extensive services, which enable public safety organisations to easily and reliably use TETRA digital two-way radios. Motorola is responsible for installing the digital radio technology in approx. 5,000 public safety vehicles for police, fire departments and first responders in Brandenburg. The implementation of the TETRA vehicle mobile radios is by Motorola in collaboration with its regional partners, which have a longstanding experience in integrating TETRA solutions. In addition, Motorola is in charge of training, technical support and overall project management.
  • Delivery also includes the integrated Terminal Management (iTM) solution from Motorola. This system makes it possible to manage the software and configurations of all the radio terminals efficiently from a central location using a remote function. Consequently, software updates are performed more rapidly and reliably, and iTM offers increased security for terminal users as well as more efficient and cost effective management of the terminals themselves.
  • The Motorola TETRA portfolio comprises infrastructure solutions, terminals, applications and services, which are currently used in over 100 countries around the world. The company continues to maintain its leading position in the area of TETRA digital radio solutions and has delivered more than 1.9 million TETRA digital radios world-wide. Motorola’s robust, intuitively operated products are subjected to rigorous testing at every stage from the development phase onwards in order to guarantee high quality and reliable operation even under extreme conditions.


Tom Quirke, vice president and general manager, Global TETRA Organization, Motorola Solutions

“We are delighted to supply the federal state of Brandenburg with our TETRA digital radio solutions. With our expertise we are enabling reliable communication for police, fire departments and first responders even under extreme circumstances. This is another important milestone for Motorola – following the delivery of the 100,000th TETRA terminal to German public safety organisations and the certification of our complete TETRA terminal portfolio.”



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