Motorola Solutions updates and extends TETRA digital two-way radio network of RheinEnergie


Higher responsiveness and efficiency in mission-critical communications at RheinEnergie and the Municipal Public Order Office of the City of Cologne

  • Refresh of sites and antenna systems enhances TETRA digital two-way radio capacity as well as voice and data communications at RheinEnergie.
  • Motorola Solutions equips Municipal Public Order Office of the City of Cologne with rugged TETRA radios and IP Dispatch Consoles.
  • Application for user location guarantees higher security when the emergency button is pushed.

IDSTEIN, Germany – December 5, 2016 – Motorola Solutions will update and extend the Motorola  Dimetra™ TETRA digital two-way radio system of the energy utilities provider RheinEnergie in order to guarantee future-proof operations of the radio system. The network implemented by Motorola at RheinEnergie in 2005 was the first IP-capable TETRA system in Germany.

Within the framework of the order, Motorola Solutions will conduct a software and hardware refresh of the existing TETRA digital two-way radio infrastructure across 28 sites. This will enable the energy utilities provider to further increase the performance, reliability and responsiveness of its mission critical communications and will give its external subscribers and cooperative partners more powerful communications.

Since 2005, the TETRA digital two-way radio network has also been used as a communications platform by the Municipal Public Order Office of the City of Cologne for its approximately 200 employees. Motorola Solutions will now expand this platform with additional MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Consoles for enhanced response and team coordination. Additionally, parking enforcement officers in Cologne will be equipped with 450 Motorola MTP3250 TETRA radios. This enables them to prevent potential regulatory offenses in a more efficient way.

To further enhance capabilities and user safety at the Municipal Public Order Office of the City of Cologne, Motorola Solutions will provide a new application for user location, which will be implemented in the control room with eight workstations. This enables the dispatchers to work quickly and efficiently on their tasks.

“For more than ten years now, Motorola Solutions’ TETRA two-way digital radio system has allowed us to communicate efficiently and safely,” said Björn H. Friedrich, head of information technology network & network security at RheinEnergie. “With the modernized infrastructure and the new TETRA radios, we will be well prepared for future requirements.”

“The TETRA digital two-way radio network gives RheinEnergie a security platform, which helps to provide unrestricted communications even in the case of serious technical faults,” said Klaus-Dieter Drossel, sales director for key accounts at Motorola Solutions Germany GmbH. “With our TETRA infrastructure, solutions and devices, we help energy providers to offer optimized and reliable services to their customers and partners.”


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