Motorola Solutions unveils new solutions at Critical Communications World

Motorola Solutions has announced a variety of intelligent, future-ready communications solutions to improve safety and simplify the management of complex networks at this year’s Critical Communications World. Please see below for a summary of announcements so far and links to follow for further information:

1.       Motorola Solutions Launches the Next Generation Mission-critical TETRA and LTE Base Station
Release detail: Public safety organisations are looking to gain advantage from broadband technologies such as Long Term Evolution (LTE) to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public safety agencies, while not compromising mission-critical secure voice and data services over TErrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) and TETRA Enhanced Data Services (TEDS) digital radio networks.To help ease this transition, Motrola Solutions has announced the dual technology MTS4L base station that enables operators to deploy a TETRA/TEDS network and be ready for the addition of an LTE eNodeB in the same base station cabinet. The TETRA and LTE base station allows public safety agencies to deploy TETRA today and be future-ready to facilitate a cost effective and staged migration to a unified TETRA and LTE network.
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2.       Secure Mobile Solution by Motorola Solutions Now Available to Government Agencies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa
Release detail:  Motorola Solutions, Inc. has introduced to markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa the AME 2000 Secure Mobile Solution, a powerful new tool for government agencies that need secure voice and data communications on a wireless network. AME 2000 is based on Motorola’s Assured Mobile Environment (AME) solution, which combines a commercial-off-the shelf (COTS) device with hardware and software to provide end-to-end encrypted voice and data communications through private or public wireless networks to support government agencies. AME 2000 features a smartphone with an Android™-based operating system, and it will be demonstrated at public safety and government technology events in Europe this spring such as Critical Communications World in Paris, May 22 to 24.
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3.     Motorola Introduces “Safer Cities” Solutions at Critical Communications World 2013
Release detail: Summary release with details around each new solution, including: MTS4L TETRA/LTE Base Station, The world’s first Image Management System for TETRA Digital Radios to Enhance Day-to-Day Policing, The Connected Police Vehicle, Service from the Start for Small TETRA Systems and the AME 2000 Secure Mobile Communications Solution.
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