Motorola Solutions to appeal CMA’s unprecedented final decision

Chicago – April 5, 2023 – Motorola Solutions today issued the following statement in response to the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) final decision regarding its Mobile Radio Network Services market investigation. The CMA intends to impose a price control on Airwave, the private mobile radio communications network that Motorola Solutions acquired in 2016, altering a long-term contract that was mutually agreed, duly executed and is still in effect.

“Motorola Solutions strongly disagrees with the CMA’s final decision and believes it cannot be justified on competitive, economic or legal grounds. We will appeal the decision.

In 2016, the Home Office negotiated and agreed to the fixed price Airwave contracts, which were also provided to the CMA as part of the CMA’s approval of Motorola Solutions’ acquisition of Airwave. Despite the CMA finding no shortcomings in Airwave’s exceptional service, the CMA intends to forcibly reduce the contractually agreed pricing going forward. We believe this unprecedented overreach will have a chilling effect on long-term investment and contracting with the U.K. government.

Motorola Solutions is committed to vigorously protecting its contractual position in delivering the Airwave network, an essential service that operates at the highest levels and is relied upon by the 300,000 emergency services professionals who protect communities across the U.K. every day.”

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