Motorola Solutions Successfully Trials Live Video on Norway’s Public Safety Network

OSLO, Norway – March 11, 2014 – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI), a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions, today confirms that it has demonstrated video streaming over Norway’s Nødnett TETRA network using TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS). As well as video services, a wide range of mission-critical data applications have been showcased over the TEDS system which has been optimised to work within a channel bandwidth size of 50 kHz. Other key public safety applications that have been successfully trialled include mobile fingerprint scanning and vehicle license database checks. 

Together, with The Directorate for Emergency Communication (DNK), which leads the development of Norway’s nationwide TETRA Public Safety Network, Motorola Solutions has been running a detailed analysis of TEDS capabilities. The pilot project, in Notodden, south-eastern Norway, comes ahead of the planned roll out of higher-speed mission-critical data services across Norway on Motorola Solutions Dimetra IP™ base stations that are TEDS ready. Around one third of the 2,100 base stations in the Nødnett radio network are ‘TEDS-ready’. So with a simple software upgrade to implement TEDS, the network will enable a range of voice and data services, delivered with the security and reliability that’s essential for public safety agencies. 


  • The trial TEDS network is supporting live video streaming both to and from control rooms. Applications include streaming of video from officers’ emergency vehicles – to enhance their safety – and sending video feeds from a scene to improve incident response.
  • The use of real-time video greatly enhances situational response and assists teams in better protecting themselves and the public.
  • In addition to video, a range of applications over TEDS has been tested on Nødnett. These include licence-plate checks, remote access to databases – such as the electoral roll to check identities – and fingerprint scanning.
  • The data applications are provided with the security and reliability that public safety agencies expect from TETRA networks.
  • The TEDS pilot network in Notodden is successfully transmitting video in each direction between subscriber and base station. Data transmission without packet loss has also been demonstrated during handover between TEDS sites and between TEDS and TETRA Multi-Slot Packet Data sites.
  • The end-to-end transfer of video, image and other data files have been achieved using 50kHz bandwidth radio carriers, highlighting the spectrum efficiency of TEDS. The network also is efficiently handling multiple parallel data sessions within the same base station coverage area.
  • DNK will create a test and approval regime to ensure that applications are designed to optimise bandwidth and work well alongside existing applications on the network.
  • Motorola Solutions’ Dimetra IP base stations can be upgraded to TEDS with a simple software upgrade to greatly accelerate deployment and cut costs. 


Steve Young, vice president and head of global TETRA products, Motorola Solutions
“Mobile data services have become critical enablers in public safety: teams have to trust that their data apps are secure and will always be available when they need them. With TEDS, we can provide that surety and, as we are seeing on the Nødnett test network, we can deliver agencies with the wide range of data services they need and with the reliability and availability that’s critical for teams working in the most demanding of environments.”  

Tor Helge Lyngstøl, Director General Norwegian Directorate for Emergency Communication
“The testing has proved that data can be securely transmitted on our network. Nødnett data services will enable users to report in real-time from accident scenes, stream video and share images. We have a responsibility to provide a proper mission-critical data service for our people and that’s what we are moving to do now with the TEDS network. We are impressed with the capability of TEDS to support concurrent data streams and support critical data applications that end users need to be more effective and better safeguard themselves and the public.”

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