Motorola Solutions Raises Standards in User Safety and Mission-critical Operational Efficiency at TETRA World Congress 2012

TETRA WORLD CONGRESS, Dubai, May 14 -17, 2012 –Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI), the world’s leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions, will unveil next generation TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) innovations, led by the MTP3000 handheld radio series, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, [Booth G301, Sheikh Rashid Hall]. The new radios raise the standard in safety, ease of use and device ruggedness while ensuring the mission-critical functionality expected by public safety and enterprise organisations.  

Users in the field need solutions that work instantly and intuitively while ensuring their personal safety. Security and safety are at the heart of Motorola’s next generation TETRA solutions, ranging from new terminals to advanced services such as real-time network monitoring and optimisation innovations for operators that help customers enhance public safety networks with the latest innovations while driving down total cost of ownership.  

Motorola is also highlighting its vision for the Ultimate Patrol Vehicle – the result of five years of field research, simulations and usability studies. The vehicle’s cockpit incorporates the latest technologies and easy-to-reach integrated controls for streamlined decision-making and actions by officers involved in high-stress pursuits.  For streamlined actions, the car has integrated, easy-to-reach controls with key functions tied to single button presses or simple voice commands. Its workstation runs applications such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and real-time video streaming over LTE and TEDS (TETRA Enhanced Data Services) to empower and protect officers like never before. 

Public safety and enterprise organizations need to deliver safer and more flexible operational capabilities while handling increasing workloads with fewer resources. Meanwhile, organizations require more data for applications to enhance operations with the latest broadband innovations.  Motorola is fully committed to the future of TETRA and TEDS as the core of mission-critical communications and at TETRA World Congress (TWC) will demonstrate how to extend its TETRA solutions with a powerful combination of broadband technologies, multimedia applications and advanced devices.  

Motorola is also leading the way in the global development of LTE devices, applications and services with recent launches of industry-first LTE technology, such as the Public Safety LTE device LEX700, which will be demonstrated on the Motorola stand at TWC. Motorola Solutions will be providing information and advice in Booth G301, Sheikh Rashid Hall at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. Its team will be highlighting the following innovations as well as discussing benefits in real time at Motorola Solutions’ TWC microsite. New Solutions at TWCMotorola Solutions’ new launches at TWC include the MTP3000 TETRA handheld radio series, the next generation Dimetra IP Micro platform enabling TEDS for commercial and enterprise networks, and next generation TRACES (TETRA RF Automated Coverage Evaluation Service) for operators.   ·        MTP3000 handheld radio series The MTP3000 handheld radio series redefines mission-critical user safety with superior audio quality, an increase of 14 percent in range*, which enables better in-building coverage, and an advanced audio system.  With the MTP3000 series, enterprise and public safety users will have the freedom to choose a device that fits their specific needs with no compromise in audio quality and safety.  ·     

Next generation of Dimetra IP Micro platform for enterprisesMeeting the needs of enterprises that require TETRA network functionality with future-proofed data handling capabilities for their next-stage operations, Motorola Solutions introduces the next generation if its Dimetra IP Micro platform, a TEDS-enabled micro system that delivers enhanced packet data services for safer operations as well as applications such as database lookups and reporting during field operations. In addition, Dimetra IP Micro provides optional authentication and air interface encryption to meet specific enterprise security and user identification requirements. ·     

TRACESMotorola launches its next version of TRACES, building on its unique network monitoring system to automate analysis and visualization of data instantly and automatically. The next generation of TRACES software will allow end-user administrators to collect network coverage data directly from TETRA handsets and collate the data to create a rich, unified view of their network and solve arising issues quickly and efficiently. Meet the experts – speaking events and interview opportunitiesMotorola Solutions and third-party experts will share their insights into market and user needs through a series of speaking events: ·        

In his keynote address to the congress, Tom Quirke, vice president and general manager, TETRA Global Organization, Motorola Solutions, will examine market drivers for TETRA.·       

Motorola Solutions customers such as Tor-Helge Lyngstøl from DNK or Matthias Wittig from Vattenfall Europe will give updates and share experiences from recent deployments.  ·        

A joint presentation from Airwave and Motorola will highlight the experience gained during the UK Summer Riots in 2011.  For further information about the speaker programme, please visit: Supporting QuoteTom Quirke, vice president and general manager, TETRA Global Organization, Motorola Solutions“With breakthroughs such as the MTP 3000 handheld radio series, our company is helping to transform user safety, equipment ease of use, and ruggedness and operational flexibility of mission-critical operations. In addition, through our exciting technical advances in network proofing and performance, we are helping customers optimise their TETRA networks with enhanced performance capabilities and lower cost of ownership. Our continual focus on network technical innovations helps our customers deliver ‘much more with less’ while simplifying their migration to next-stage mission-critical networks.”  SUPPORTING RESOURCES Website: Public Safety LTE device LEX700Website:  TETRA solutionsTWC Microsite:  

Twitter: @MotSolsEMEA Notes to editors* Performance figures based on a comparison of a European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) specification radio using the Hata urban model. For ongoing news, please visit our media center or subscribe to our news feed. Media Contact: Elvan Lindberg Motorola SolutionsMobile: +46 (0)707448893

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