Motorola Solutions Provides Command Center Software to Springfield, Mass. Police for Advanced Crime Analysis

Springfield Real-Time Analysis Center Enables Proactive Incident Response   

Chicago – May 24, 2018 –  After a multi-year effort to bring additional advanced technology resources to its police force, the City of Springfield, Mass., recently launched its Real-Time Analysis Center with command center software from Motorola Solutions (NYSE:MSI). Using advanced software analytics, first responders have a complete operating picture taken from multiple data sources to help them better respond, prevent and limit criminal activity.

Springfield police use Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral Aware software, which aggregates real-time information from computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems, emergency alerts and other data sources. Seconds after an emergency is reported and entered into the CAD system, Springfield crime analysts can help coordinate response by confirming the exact location of first responders and providing them with the critical information they need, such as footage from local cameras and alerts of past criminal activity.

Over the four-year period since the city committed to using advanced analytics software, Springfield has seen a 40 percent decline in its crime rate, something officials have attributed to the growing capabilities of the Real Time Analysis Center.

“The use of CommandCentral Aware has allowed us to make smarter, faster decisions in incident response,” said Bill Schwarz, crime analysis director at Springfield’s Real Time Analysis Center. “We can now equip our first responders with real-time information to help them prepare for whatever situation they face.”

Using CommandCentral Aware with BriefCam allows for the analysis of public and private video with search functions that identify specific descriptors. For example, if analysts are looking for a red car that fled the scene of an incident, the software will help them identify red cars on the road, removing all other cars from their video footage. This reduces time spent analyzing videos from several hours to just a few minutes.

“CommandCentral Aware represents the future of policing, with Springfield setting the bar for how cities can use analytics to keep communities safer,” said Jim Charron, Motorola Solutions senior project manager and former police commander. “As more communities look to integrate data analytics into their public safety efforts, Motorola Solutions continues to push the needle in developing cutting-edge software. These analytics not only save police time and money, but also improve the safety of officers and the people they protect.”

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