Motorola Solutions Optimises Supply Chain Processes of German Frozen Foods Company FRoSTA AG with Digital Radio Solutions

Motorola Solutions’ ADVISORTM TPG2200 TETRA two-way pager makes transport and delivery of FRoSTA’s frozen food more efficient by improving pickup workflows.

IDSTEIN, Germany – March 18, 2019 – Highly efficient supply chain management is key for the product quality of frozen foods. Motorola Solutions has been selected by FRoSTA AG, one of Europe’s leading frozen foods companies, to optimise its supply chain processes with highly effective communications technology. The communications solutions will be implemented in collaboration with Motorola Solutions’ highly specialised local partners: Telemann, a systems house for communications solutions with comprehensive service and customised software solutions, and Seamcom, a systems distributor of professional analogue and digital radio technologies.

Motorola Solutions will provide FRoSTA with ADVISORTM TPG2200 TETRA two-way pagers and TETRA terminals to increase the delivery speed and efficiency of the frozen foods company. FRoSTA will use the highly available and easy-to-use communications technology to alert its transport drivers when frozen goods or freight documents are ready for pickup and delivery at their location in the Northern German city of Bremerhaven. Alerting drivers in real-time increases the pickup speed and efficiency at the company’s factory premises, which are limited in terms of space and do not allow several trucks to wait on the grounds.

When drivers arrive to collect the frozen food or freight documents, they each get a Motorola Solutions TETRA pager. Once they are next in the pickup line, FRoSTA’s logistics management system sends an alert to the TETRA pager through the application of Motorola Solutions’ partner Telemann, informing the respective delivery driver that the goods are ready for collection. Every dispatcher can easily operate the system via web browser from his or her desk. The delivery drivers, on the other hand, can leverage the time for recovery.

The planning of loading and delivery is also supported by another feature of Motorola Solutions’ TETRA pager: By using the localisation functionality of the TETRA pagers FRoSTA can recognise that a transport truck is leaving its designated waiting area and determine the time needed to arrive at the loading dock. Based on this data, FRoSTA can further optimise its loading processes and reduce waiting times for transport and delivery drivers.

“We always try to further optimise our supply chain processes in order to provide our customers with the best product in the highest quality,” says Thorsten Fietze, IT system administrator from FRoSTA. “The new TETRA pagers from Motorola Solutions provide us with a lightweight and durable communications tool that can be used by our transport and delivery drivers right away because they are so easy to use.”

“We see a strong demand for easy-to-use devices that support teams in various industries in their daily work,” adds Viv Francis, vice president, channel sales EMEA at Motorola Solutions. “Our ADVISORTM TPG2200 TETRA pager is not only reliable and highly functional, but also meets all requirements of FRoSTA’s logistics teams for 24/7 communications.”

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