Motorola Solutions opens new Innovation Center in Berlin and sets out a vision of smart public safety

BERLIN, Germany – Motorola Solutions  celebrates 20 years of innovation in Berlin with the opening of its new Innovation Center at its TETRA Center of Excellence in Berlin. The new Innovation Center provides insights into the evolution of mission-critical communications and highlights Motorola Solutions’ vision of smart public safety for a digital society.

The opening of the Innovation Center comes at a time when public safety organizations are under enormous pressure: Threats are becoming more complex, populations are growing, budgets are shrinking, and constant scrutiny is leading to even greater demands for accountability.

Motorola Solutions believes technology that provides the right information at the right time can help relieve some of this burden while also enhancing safety and efficiency. Automation can trigger a series of actions to make response times quicker, and big data can be analyzed for trends and patterns that can help identify the most significant and high-priority threats. The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in a public safety setting is transformative – giving agencies the power to watch hours of video footage in seconds or find a person of interest more quickly.

“Society is being transformed by technology, and public safety is too. Next-generation solutions can help public safety enhance workflows, boost efficiency and ultimately improve safety and outcomes,” said Andreas Scheunemann, managing director and site manager Berlin, Motorola Solutions Germany GmbH. “Public safety organizations need not only the technology and tools to meet their evolving needs, but also a partner with specialized knowledge and experience to understand their challenges, find solutions and imagine new ways to get the job done.”

Motorola Solutions’ Berlin Innovation Center showcases technologies including CommandCentral Analytics, used to support decisions on areas to patrol; application of AI working with natural language processing software to help officers interact with backend systems and retrieve critical intelligence; and a Future Fire Incident Command Concept, demonstrating how the use of mixed reality technology by an incident commander at the scene can improve situational awareness and the safety of firefighters.


The augmented reality Fire Incident Commander concept envisions a future when data about first responders and their environment is automatically collected at the incident scene. Presenting this information in a mixed reality format enables an incident commander to visualize data in simpler, more intuitive ways to make faster decisions.

The Augmented Reality Fire Incident Commander concept features:

  • Sensors and devices worn by firefighters that automatically record and share data including air supply, biometrics (heart rate, breathing), environmental temperature and “point-of-view” body-worn cameras that capture the firefighter’s surroundings
  • 360-degree cameras that provide alternate views of the incident at the scene, on vehicles including fire appliances, police cars and aerial drones
  • A pair of “smart glasses” with a self-contained holographic computer that allows users to engage with digital information and interact with holograms superimposed onto the world around them


Motorola Solutions is also presenting a live demonstration of its revolutionary Connected Police Officer. The concept is equipped with advanced technologies such as a body-worn camera, LTE handheld devices, location trackers and sensors for equipment and biometrics. This technology enables police officers to stay connected with the control room and benefit from improved safety and efficiency in the line of duty. The enhanced Connected Police Officer concept also includes new AI-powered capabilities such as voice-based “bot” technology that listens and responds to the police officer in the line of duty.


Motorola Solutions’ Berlin Innovation Center also showcases technologies including integrated TETRA and LTE broadband solutions like its WAVETM push-to-talk (PTT) platform for enhanced work group communications. This enables public safety and business users to connect disparate networks such as TETRA radio, cellular, Wi-Fi or telephony. Visitors can also learn more about Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral platform for intelligence-led public safety. CommandCentral brings together big data analytics, cybersecurity, Internet of Things and incident management systems to turn data into actionable intelligence that can enable more proactive policing.

Motorola Solutions’ smart public safety solutions are already being used by public safety organizations like the Detroit Police in the US, which deploys real-time video surveillance to help reduce violent crime. Unified push-to-talk (PTT) broadband platforms like WAVETMWork Group Communications help companies like British Airways to extend team collaboration towards disparate networks and unlimited devices.


The opening of the new Innovation Center at Motorola Solutions’ TETRA Center of Excellence in Berlin is an essential milestone that contributes to the company’s future-leading engagement and commitment to provide customers in Germany and across EMEA with the latest technology innovations. Due to its proximity to the company’s customer order fulfillment area, the Innovation Center provides a unique impression on both current state-of-the-art and future technology provided by Motorola Solutions.

Motorola Solutions has a longstanding history in delivering mission-critical communication solutions from Berlin to customers worldwide. The Motorola Solutions TETRA Center of Excellence in Berlin recently shipped its 1,000th TETRA system and 25,000th base station to public safety organizations. In the German capital, Motorola Solutions engineers design and configure customized TETRA digital radio infrastructure for the global market. The services range from system design and radio network planning to technical training for Motorola Solutions staff and customers, as well as quality assurance, supply chain management, logistics and customer service. Many of the 1,000 TETRA systems that were staged in Berlin are deployed across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. These include numerous nationwide TETRA networks like Austria, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Ireland and the UK, underlining that public safety organization across Europe trust in Motorola Solutions.

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