Motorola Solutions Launches Next Generation of Pronto Mobile Policing Solution

LONDON, United Kingdom – Motorola Solutions today announced a number of new integrations for its Pronto digital policing application software to enhance mobile workflows. The first integrates Motorola Solutions’ Edesix body-worn cameras into Pronto via the company’s digital evidence management system, CommandCentral Vault. The second is a successful trial that provides officers access to driver’s license images with Motorola Solutions’ Pronto solution. These powerful, next-generation Pronto mobile policing solutions demonstrate how frontline officers can significantly improve decision-making and evidence collection and management through technology.  
Body-Worn Camera Functionality Integrated into Next Generation of Pronto

Body-worn video can be hugely beneficial for police forces. It allows them to capture high-quality evidence, which can help the entire criminal justice system in securing convictions, and it provides greater transparency.
As body-worn video has become more widely adopted, data management and storage processes have had to adapt to the increased demands. Currently, there are a number of manual steps for officers to complete when using a body-worn video solution, including switching on the camera as well as uploading and tagging the footage into a data management system.
The body-worn camera’s integration with Pronto via CommandCentral Vault eliminates these manual steps. GPS-enabled cameras capture location data and automatically sync with recorded details on the Pronto device. Full integration of these solutions means that when the camera footage is uploaded into CommandCentral Vault, it is tagged automatically.
“Body-worn video is becoming a vital tool to improve the safety of officers and is an important element of the evidence that emergency services are able to collect. They are used in the most testing circumstances, working smart and seamlessly in the background to ensure officers can focus on the challenges at hand,” said Fergus Mayne, UK country manager and head of UK sales at Motorola Solutions. “The integration with Pronto takes smart and seamless to the next level, recording incidents directly in the command centre to ensure frontline officers get the right support and response from their colleagues.”
Vehicle Licensing Images Integrations into Pronto  

Integration with Pronto was a critical benefit of a recent pilot that began in mid-August with Surrey and Sussex Police. It allowed officers access to driver’s license images at the roadside, helping them quickly identify whom officers had stopped for traffic offences such as uninsured vehicles or speeding violations. With the goal of breaking down silos between different organisations’ systems, the trial reduced the time taken to identify a driver, once stopped, from 16 minutes to just 5 minutes, through the images supplied from the license database. More than 1,400 images were accessed during the 12 week trial which is now expanding to more officers throughout the Force.

Sgt. Dan Pascoe at Surrey and Sussex Roads Policing Unit said: “The ability to securely receive Driver and Vehicle License Agency images through Pronto enables frontline officers to quickly confirm the identity of a driver, speed up stop checks and deal with drivers in a more professional and expeditious manner.”
Fergus Mayne, UK country manager and head of UK sales at Motorola Solutions added: “With these integrations, we are seeing the next generation of mobile policing solutions. This is particularly important at a time where frontline officers are having to make sense of more information. That can aid better decision-making and dramatically improve public safety. By removing many of the cumbersome manual processes and integrating these into the Pronto suite of applications, it’s possible to accelerate the potential of these previously siloed point solutions.”
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