Motorola Solutions introduces new TETRA critical communications systems

Motorola Solutions unveils its latest TETRA radio systems at CCW 2017

  • Explore company’s innovations at Critical Communications World, May 16-18.

Hong Kong – May 16, 2017 – When crowds descend for major events including rugby events in Hong Kong or motorsport in Singapore, emergency services, government agencies and businesses of all sizes need seamless communications to deliver the best experience.

From the busy airport gate, to the noisy concert and the bustling local shopping centre – reliable, team communication gives workers the tools they need to get the job done.

The latest radio systems from Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) DIMETRA TETRA portfolio deliver highly-scalable and efficient communications to meet the critical communications needs of all organisations in any circumstance.


DIMETRA X Core is a new, fully-scalable TETRA system to support mission-critical communications for public safety as well as enterprise organisations including utilities, public transport and oil and gas companies.  DIMETRA X Core enables TETRA users to get the most out of their existing DIMETRA TETRA network today while preparing for mobile broadband capabilities tomorrow.

The system features an efficient software-defined core to reduce system operating costs as well as enhanced cyber security features to protect from ever increasing threats. DIMETRA X Core is built for long-term, mission-critical communications performance for the next 15 years or more. The system is an ideal replacement for existing DIMETRA TETRA systems that will enhance and prolong the life of existing Radio Access Networks.

As technology evolves, so will DIMETRA X Core systems with their advanced, flexible and fully scalable architecture enabling system design and expansion from one site to 5000 or more.

As needs change, the system can easily accommodate new users and capabilities simply by enabling software licenses.

Regular software updates also help to keep TETRA networks operating at their peak while opening up new, broadband-enabled capabilities. This includes smart interfaces to WAVE Work Group Communications providing push-to-talk solutions and Intelligent Middleware to extend voice communication and applications between radio and broadband networks to users of radios, computers, smartphones and other devices.

DIMETRA X Core also lowers the long-term total cost of ownership for organisations by minimising the amount of hardware and physical space needed to operate the system. This results in less energy consumption and lower costs for maintenance and operation. With scalable and flexible pricing based on network coverage, capacity and capabilities, customers pay only for what they need.

“DIMETRA X Core enables emergency services and enterprise organisations to extend the life of their DIMETRA networks while preparing for additional capabilities offered by the broadband technologies of tomorrow,” said Bruce Brda, executive vice president, Products and Services at Motorola Solutions.

Of the 1,000 DIMETRA TETRA digital radio systems Motorola Solutions has delivered globally from its Centre of Excellence in Berlin, 400 of those are within the Asia Pacific region.

DIMETRA 9.0 is the latest system software release for DIMETRA X Core as well as for existing DIMETRA system customers. It provides new features including the Inter System Interface to connect voice communication over multiple TETRA networks across regions and borders.

The update also ensures organisations are better protected from ever increasing cyber security threats.

Motorola Solutions’ DIMETRA Express is a single-site TETRA digital radio system all in one-box that can be deployed within 15 minutes, saving time, and helping to increase performance, reliability and responsiveness. Motorola Solutions DIMETRA Express was developed to meet demand from customers and partners for a product that is easy to deploy and cost efficient enough to be used for smaller projects. It also enables smaller organisations in sectors including manufacturing, public transport, hospitality or oil and gas, to benefit from high-quality audio, short data services (SDS) and telephony services.

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