Motorola Solutions Extends Stadtwerke Ettlingen’s TETRA Digital Two-way Radio System to Baden-Baden

Motorola Solutions Extends Stadtwerke Ettlingen’s TETRA Digital Two-way Radio System to Baden-Baden

Secure communication platform for the spa town’s local utility and public transport companies.

IDSTEIN, Germany – Nov. 22, 2010 – TheMotorola Solutionsbusiness of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT), a leading provider for the development and delivery of mission-critical communication solutions, has supplied Baden-Baden’s local utility and public transport companies with a TETRA digital two-way radio network. The solution is based on the existing TETRA digital two-way radio system operated by Stadtwerke Ettlingen which was installed two years ago by Motorola partner, Blickle&Scherer Kommunikationstechnik. The network is now being extended to the spa town and will cover more than 40 kilometres.


Stadtwerke Ettlingen has been operating the Dimetra IP Compact TETRA digital two-way radio system from Motorola since 2008, which provided secure and reliable voice and data transmission between its employees.

The Dimetra IP Compact communication platform is a high-performance TETRA system with end-to-end IP-architecture which can be adapted to the needs of the user. By deploying four additional MTS2 base stations, Motorola has now extended the Ettlingen TETRA network, in partnership with Blickle & Scherer Kommunikationstechnik, and has made it accessible to Stadtwerke und Verkehrsbetriebe Baden-Baden – the town’s local utility and public transport companies.

The TETRA digital two-way radio system allows municipal service companies to communicate securely and independently of public telephone networks. Employees can exchange information at any time and from anywhere, either by voice or data transfer.

TETRA ensures reliable communication at any time in the event of a disruption and guarantees maximum security. In case of a breakdown in the transport or energy supply systems, the comprehensive group functionalities of the TETRA digital two-way radio system enable secure on-net communication between the energy providers Stadtwerke, the local municipal service and public transport companies – enabling more efficient response to incidents.

The system makes it possible to coordinate service staff more efficiently and offers extensive telecontrol and telemetry functions. In the future, the local transport companies of Baden-Baden intend to use the new technology for the control of their vehicles. Gradually, all analogue voice and radio data transmission solutions will be modernized through the deployment of digital two-way radio technology.


Thomas Steuer, Project Director, Stadtwerke Ettlingen GmbH

“We have had a very positive experience with the Motorola’s TETRA solution. It allows our employees to communicate with each other reliably at all times. By extending the system, Stadtwerke Baden-Baden and the local public transport company now have access to this modern and secure communication technology, and will be able to offer their customers even more security and availability.”

Franz Schaub, Project Manager, Stadtwerke Baden-Baden

“Being connected to Stadtwerke Ettlingen’s TETRA digital radio network means that we can replace our former analogue private mobile radio (PMR) systems with a secure enterprise-class communication solution and operate it at a very attractive price. Our customers also benefit from the new TETRA solution as we can respond to their requirements significantly faster.”

Klaus-Dieter Drossel, Sales Director, Motorola Solutions

“The advantages gained by public sector companies through the use of a TETRA digital two-way radio solution have already been demonstrated many times at Stadtwerke Ettlingen. The fact that the company has now extended the network shows the future viability and reliability of the solution which we are delighted about.”


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