Motorola Solutions Equips Police Officers in German Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt with Body-Worn Cameras

CHICAGO –  Motorola Solutions has announced that the company signed a contract with the Ministry of the Interior of the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt to deploy VB400 body-worn cameras including VideoManager evidence management software to the state’s police officers.

The roll out of the new body-worn camera solutions to the City of Stendal Police Inspectorate and the police academy in Aschersleben marks the beginning of a wider deployment to nearly all operational frontline teams in Saxony-Anhalt. The cameras will be implemented to help officers to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations and increase safety and transparency on the front line.

Motorola Solutions’ rugged VB400 body-worn cameras will be rolled out alongside VideoManager evidence management software, enabling officers to easily upload and securely store and manage video footage, organized with time, date and location as part of the force’s existing daily workflows.

The cameras offer a pre-recording capability to help ensure incidents are captured from the start, and are equipped with an extended battery life that lasts beyond a shift with up to 12 hours of recording. The new body-worn cameras can be integrated with a broad range of sensors, such as Holster Aware which automatically activates video recording and live-streams footage if an officer draws a weapon.

“The use of body-worn cameras by Aschersleben police academy cadets highlights how video technology is now a foundational element of police training, as well as a proven tool to improve frontline safety,” said Michael Kaae, corporate vice president at Motorola Solutions. “The video management solution will seamlessly integrate with the backend systems used by the police force including case management, helping to enhance collaboration between police stations and increase efficiency.”

Motorola Solutions has been a trusted partner of public safety organizations in Germany for over 50 years. The company’s integrated, mission-critical ecosystem of technologies is designed to unify voice, video and data in a single connected system to help ensure information flows, operations run and collaboration improves, advancing public safety for communities.

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