Motorola Solutions Demonstrates How Public Safety Broadband Solutions Can Contribute to a Safer Mexico

  • As a part of the “Meeting of Leaders in Security and Innovation,” the company will demonstrate solutions that through a broadband network could expand voice and data communications in public safety and emergency response.
  • With this demonstration, the company will exhibit its abilities to be the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) for mission critical communications.

Mexico City – Nov. 17, 2016 – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) will conduct a demonstration of the solutions, applications and devices designed specifically for mission critical communications for public safety on a broadband network at today’s Meeting of Leaders in Security and Innovation in Mexico City.

During the demonstration, the company will highlight some of the innovative solutions it has developed to boost the contribution that a broadband network for public safety can make in preventing, managing and mitigating problems that affect citizen safety. The meeting is aimed at authorities from public and private organizations, public safety and innovation experts and opinion leaders — all key players in the construction to a safer Mexico.

In the case of natural disasters – which usually call for cooperation between national and regional public safety forces, armed forces, fire fighters and medical first responders – the combination of interoperable solutions and specialized public safety solutions on a broadband network allows different agencies to communicate, even if they use different communication technologies. In addition, authorities that regularly use cellular devices can be added to the group through an application and be given access to coordinated radio communications.

“Public safety and emergency response agencies need to collect and process large volumes of data every day from multiple sources in a fast way and convert it into intelligence that allows them to deal with incidents quickly,” says Héctor Luna, general manager of Motorola Solutions in Mexico. “Through public safety broadband networks like the MVNO Motorola is proposing, national security agencies and police forces would easily send and receive large volumes of data and video to the field anticipating the officer needs before they get to the conflict scene”. These solutions, created especially for the needs of public safety and emergency agencies, offer quality, reliability and security to the agents involved.

Broadband network solutions also make it possible, for the first time, to incorporate multiple applications and smart and robust devices that offer public safety forces access to high-definition images and data in real time that can be captured with different types of cameras. Also, thanks to the features of this technology, public safety agencies can immediately and remotely access any information stored in their databases, make real-time queries, locate field agents, track suspects and more.

During the demonstration, Motorola Solutions will also present:

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