Motorola Solutions Delivers Safer, Smarter and Faster Mission-critical Communications with Three New TETRA Radios

Motorola Solutions provides frontline workers with a reliable communications lifeline and faster access to mission-critical intelligence

BASINGSTOKE, UK – Oct 18, 2012 – In a drive to maximize their performance, public safety, government and commercial organisations are looking for ways to increase the productivity of frontline personnel and to ensure their safety. Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:MSI) help these organisations with innovations in Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) solutions to drive efficiency without compromising personnel safety.

Today, Motorola is unveiling the MTM 5200 and MTM 5500 TETRA mobile radios alongside the new MTP 6550, the most advanced TETRA portable radio in the world. The new additions are all capable of supporting TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS), a mission-critical resilient and secure data service compliant with the ETSI TETRA standard. The new devices will ensure that investments made in TETRA today will be able to support data services in the future, which provide up to 20 times faster access to back-office applications, such as business intelligence and databases.

The MTP 6550 is the world’s first TEDS-ready TETRA handheld radio, delivering real-time data access in the field. The radio enables fast, reliable critical intelligence sharing. Key features include push services to allow dispatchers to deliver messages directly to radio screens, radio call out requiring a mandatory acknowledgement of message delivery, and built-in Bluetooth® for wireless audio and connectivity to collaborative data devices, for example – using a Personal Data Assistant (PDA) for more complex forms or using scanners for ID checks.

The MTM 5200 and MTM 5500 complement the existing MTM 5400 TETRA mobile radio, delivering the most comprehensive TETRA mobile radio portfolio on the market. The MTM 5000 series gives customers a choice of different form factors and capabilities to suit their operational environments today and device-readiness to exploit the higher speed data services provided by TEDS networks.

The MTM 5500 also includes integrated Direct Mode Operations (DMO) Gateway and DMO Repeater capabilities, allowing radio and data coverage to be temporarily extended to provide coverage to portable radios inside nearby buildings. This allows police forces to extend their patrol ranges and officers and paramedics in the field to stay connected in hazardous situations.


  • The MTP 6550 TETRA portable radio builds on the industry-leading audio and Radio Frequency (RF) coverage performance of the MTP 3000 series introduced at TETRA World Congress earlier in 2012, while offering significant enhancements to further improve personnel safety and productivity.
  • With its large QVGA colour display more information can be viewed with a single glance – without the need to touch the radio to scroll to see the full message
  • Additionally the TETRA data connectivity options including integrated Bluetooth®, Multi-Slot Packet Data and support for TEDS, enable frontline personnel to share text messages and images, reliably, securely and quickly
  • The integrated WAP browser allows the user to access information sources, and databases and view images on the large screen, while WAP Push enables critical information such as pictures of suspects or missing persons to be sent directly to users screens – enabling faster responses
  • To extend users’ operational range, especially in indoor and cluttered environments, the MTP 6550 offers an integrated Direct-Mode Repeater. Working range can be further extended by up to 14 per cent through the radio’s Class 3L (1.8W) transmit power capability and best-in-class receiver sensitivity
  • Offering the loudest, undistorted audio found in a TETRA radio, the MTP 6550 automatically adapts even in high noise environments, ensuring that dispatchers and mobile work team members, hear messages loud and clear
  • With its integrated Micro SD memory card slot, the radio puts critical information such as maps and photographs of missing persons or crime suspects, in the hands of frontline personnel. Information can be easily managed using Motorola’s industry leading integrated Terminal Management (iTM) application, ensuring the latest intelligence can be loaded into the radio at the start of a shift, helping automate daily police briefings
  • The rugged design of the MTP 6550 makes it durable and built to last in rough environments. The MTP 6550 continues to operate even after being immersed in water up to one metre for 30 minutes
  • Integrated Bluetooth® audio and PTT control allow users to connect an array of Bluetooth accessories. The radio also supports Bluetooth data connectivity to wirelessly transfer data between the radio and other devices such as barcode scanners, mobile computers and smartphones
  • In addition to Bluetooth accessories, the MTP 6550 is complemented with a robust portfolio of exclusive IMPRES™ smart audio accessories, which automatically connect to the radio with optimised configuration settings for the best audio experience
  • An integrated, ultra-sensitive GPS receiver can help agencies improve response times by ensuring that the nearest, most appropriate resource is dispatched when handling incidents
  • The MTP 6550 radio is supported by a strong ecosystem of developers, providing highly customized applications such as fleet management, wireless dispatch and workforce mobility solutions. This will help to improve operations, reduce response times and ultimately lower costs

 MTM5550 and MTM 5200 KEY FACTS

  • MTM 5500 and MTM 5200 mobile radios follow the tradition of the MTM 5400 in offering significant advances in audio quality under adverse conditions, and an additional 2dB in receiver sensitivity, which extends range and best-in-class coverage.
  • Both radios include large QVGA colour display and TETRA data connectivity options, including TEDS-ready hardware, allowing frontline personnel to share text messages and images, reliably, securely and quickly.
  • MTM mobile radios include integrated hardware for SIM based end-to-end encryption.
  • The MTM 5200 is optimised for users who do not need some of the advanced features in the MTM 5500, in particular the Gateway/Receiver and the high power modes.
  • MTM 5500 permits the installation of multiple control heads, including an Ethernet style interface to connect to one or two of the new Control Heads (eCH) or the Telephone Style Control Head (TSCH) up to 40m from the radio.
  • MTM 5500 includes up to 10W transmit power with class-leading receiver sensitivity to extend network coverage.
  • MTM 5500 and 5200 join the MTM 5400 to make up the most comprehensive TEDS mobile radio offering on the market.


Tom Quirke, vice president and general manager, TETRA Global Organization, Motorola Solutions

“TEDS meets the needs of the next evolution of critical data applications as it derives from TETRA and offers the resilience and security required for public safety operations. With our latest additions of TEDS-ready handheld and mobile radios, users can be assured that their long-term investment into TETRA today will be future proof. The solutions are helping to increase operational efficiency and transform user safety, equipment ease of use, and ruggedness of mission-critical operations. The increased receiver sensitivity will further boost flexibility of operations and help to connect users wherever needed.”

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