Motorola Solutions Delivers Cloud-based Connectivity As-a-Service for Public Safety Agencies

Motorola Solutions Delivers Cloud-based Connectivity As-a-Service for Public Safety Agencies

VIENNA, Austria –  Public safety agencies and government authorities face a variety of challenges – from protecting borders to responding to major emergencies including floods, fires or road accidents – at these times, emergency services, border protection agencies and other authorities need to work together, sharing information and data in real-time to improve incident awareness, overcome blindspots, and ultimately, keep communities, citizens and first responders safe.

Motorola Solutions is today launching Critical Connect, a flexible and scalable cloud-based communication service that enables the seamless exchange of voice and data communication. Critical Connect eliminates the barriers between different communication networks, making it easy for emergency services to collaborate and coordinate their response to major events, between different agencies, teams and across borders.

“As security threats evolve, different public safety agencies need the right technology platform to make it easier for them to communicate, collaborate and share intelligence,” said Tim Clark, director of strategy at Motorola Solutions. “Unlike private communication networks which are typically deployed to serve one public safety agency within a single jurisdiction, Critical Connect creates an efficient and reliable way for teams to connect across borders and agencies instantly, regardless of the coverage area they operate within or the networks or communications devices they use.”

Connectivity As-a-Service

With a single link, Critical Connect gives public safety organisations the technological advantage of instant communication across teams, connecting diverse land mobile radio networks including TETRA, APCO P25 and broadband networks as well as devices. It also provides control room staff with a consolidated view of resources across different networks including vital location, presence and status details of all responders working in the field.

The cloud-based service is highly secure, quick and easy to deploy, and can be scaled to serve expanding numbers of users.

The solution also supports public safety agencies as they plan for their long-term mission critical communication needs through the flexible integration and deployment of both LMR and broadband technologies.

Assured Mission-Critical Performance 

When multiple public safety agencies and services are working together, they need to communicate and share data in targeted and intelligent ways to achieve the best possible outcomes while also adhering to data privacy rights.

The Critical Connect platform is highly secure and features multiple layers of security with end-to-end encryption, helping to protect sensitive data and communications.

Motorola Solutions will demonstrate Critical Connect for the first time in Europe during Critical Communications World in Vienna, June 21-23. The service forms part of the company’s mission-critical ecosystem of technologies that combines advanced voice communication, video security and command center software to keep public safety agencies connected and informed when it matters most.

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