Motorola Solutions conducts Colombia’s first demonstration of public safety LTE Technology

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA – June 18, 2015 – For the first time ever in Colombia, Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) will conduct a demonstration of the solutions and devices designed specifically for mission critical communications on public safety LTE networks.
The demonstration will feature different situations that first responders may face to illustrate the benefits that public safety LTE technology offers to improve prevention, management and resolution of crime and emergency events. For example, the demonstration will illustrate how: 

  • A missing child can be found more quickly by immediately distributing photos to mobile phones or to screens in patrol cars
  • Public safety command centers can access video from security cameras and vehicles in an area and distribute that video to officers assigned to the event
  • Information sent in advance from a command center to officers en route can help them respond to crime and save lives
  • Images can be sent from the scene to assigned units so they have more information and can better prepare before they arrive

In the case of natural disasters – which often require the support of national and provincial security forces, armed forces, fire-fighters, medical first responders and civil defense organizations – the combination of interoperable solutions and public safety LTE technology make it possible for many different agencies to communicate, even if they use different communications technology. And, public safety LTE technology will enable public safety agencies that regularly use cellular devices to have access to coordinated radio communications through an application.
With Public Safety LTE technology, information can be turned into life-saving mission-critical intelligence in real time through the high-speed transmission of data, images and video, improving the effectiveness of preventive measures and actions taken by security and emergency agencies. These solutions provide first responders with a purpose-built network that meets their needs for reliability, quality and security.
The demonstration will also include:

  • The Motorola Solutions LEX L10 Mission Critical handheld smart computer, which provides personnel with information when and where they need it, with the security and control of its own network, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information. It also features the Real Time Video Intelligence (RTVI) application, which allows users to view live video broadcasts on LTE devices and, when integrated with a mobile solution, allows officers to broadcast live video from their vehicles to other users connected to the same application.
  • Motorola Solutions’ WAVE Push-To-Talk Solution  (interoperability and secure communications) which allows users to easily select a conversation group, push a button and talk to users of other LTE devices or devices with other communication standards. This solution enables the establishment of quick and safe communications between the different systems, frequencies and devices used by different security forces and emergency agencies.

“Public safety forces need to capture and process large volumes of data every day and convert this data into intelligence to quickly solve or even prevent incidents,” said Fernando Bonilla, country manager for Motorola Solutions in Colombia. “They also need to be sure that their communications will not fail in critical moments. Motorola Solutions LTE technology dedicated to public protection and disaster relief was precisely designed to meet their needs.” 

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