Motorola Solutions Awarded Contract by Vattenfall for TETRA System in Poland

Motorola Solutions Awarded Contract by Vattenfall for TETRA System in Poland

New digital radio system to improve efficiency and security of supply for Polish operator for energy distribution in Poland
WARSAW, Poland – Jul 11, 2011 – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI), the world’s leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions, today announced the win of a contract to supply a Dimetra IP TETRA (TErrestrial TRunked RAdio) digital radio system for use by Vattenfall Distribution Poland.
The Motorola system offers reliable, immediate and secure communications between employees dispersed over an area of thousands of square kilometers and will help sustain efficient operations by reducing repair times and limiting the duration of power outages affecting the company’s 1.1 million customers in the region. Additionally, the system will serve as a reliable and secure transmission medium for Vattenfall’s telemechanical and telemetry applications.
IT Partners Telco, Motorola’s partner and customer, is the main contractor for the Vattenfall project. Besides providing the Dimetra IP solutions, IT Partners Telco will prepare the associated infrastructure and manage integration of the TETRA solution with the company’s existing SCADA applications and dispatching consoles. IT Partners Telco also will
provide services associated with ongoing maintenance of the system.
The TETRA network is being deployed in Silesia, in Southern Poland; rollout of the system started in April this year and will be completed in 2012.


  • Sweden’s Vattenfall energy company is a leading European energy supplier that operates in the power and heat generation markets as well as supplies energy for millions of customers.


  • The TETRA digital two-way radio system covered by this contract is replacing the analogue system that is currently in use.


  • The TETRA system will provide Vattenfall Distribution Poland with access to databases and the public telephony system. The implemented solution also will allow for remote, radio-transmitted control of devices, as well as monitoring of remote power facilities.


  • With TETRA, Vattenfall Distribution Poland will be able to make broad use of telemechanics and telemetry. This will help to greatly improve the operations of the power network and ensure quick and efficient response to any event within the network resulting in enhanced availability of electric power supplies to end users.


  • The system consisting of 28 base stations and over 1,000 MTP850S and MTM5400 TETRA terminals will be delivered in the next months. The MTM5400, one of Motorola´s latest mobiles, ensures the call gets through with its enhanced audio and excellent receiver sensitivity and is the first TETRA mobile with voice and TEDS (TETRA Enhanced Data Services) capability.


  • The Motorola TETRA network is based on scalable IP architecture that can be expanded to support additional features and new users when needed.


  • The deployment of the TETRA system will be carried out in stages. The final switch from the analogue to the digital system is planned for 2012.


Janusz Kurpas, vice president, network planning and development, Vattenfall Distribution Poland

“The implemented TETRA system is a guarantee of security of information, which is of fundamental significance in the energy sector. Having an independent, ongoing and secure access to data in such situations as loss of power ensures control over the situation and helps rapidly repair the breakdown. We hope that after the system deployment our
customers will notice shorter breaks in power supply.”

Tomasz Piktel, key account director, Motorola Solutions, Poland

“We are very pleased that Vattenfall Distribution Poland has chosen Motorola Solutions. The TETRA standard is a very effective and reliable technology and is made for missioncritical

use, which makes it the first choice for utility companies as well as public safety services. It allows for a highly reliable system through redundancy and security. Motorola is supplying TETRA digital two-way radio to customers in over 100 countries and has delivered as a market leader more than 1.5 million radios to customers worldwide.”

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