Motorola Selects Radio IP Software for Multi-bearer Solution

Motorola Selects Radio IP Software for Multi-bearer Solution

Montreal, QC, June 9, 2008 – Radio IP Software, Inc. announced today, that it has strengthened its existing partnership with Motorola by entering into a joint agreement to deliver next generation communication capabilities to the global TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) community.

The solutions will enable TETRA users to add more data applications onto the Motorola’s Dimetra IP TETRA network system and allow users to have multiple bearers unified into a single IP experience. The Radio IP MTG™ software will allow users to combine HSDPA, WiFi, WiMAX and other wireless networks to their
existing Dimetra network and terminals, while maintaining a continuous, reliable secure connection. Patented features of Radio IP MTG, like Optimized TCP/IP, provide additional benefits of significant data acceleration and improved network performance.

Users of the Motorola MTC100 TETRA PDA will benefit from the Radio IP MTG™ multibearer software, as the software allows the transmission of data application via available networks supported by the device. In addition, applications can be classified according to their priorities and so mission critical data applications are always ensured to transmit over the TETRA network, whereas applications with less severe security and resilience requirements can use any other commercial WiFi or Bluetooth network via the embedded functionality within the Motorola MTC100 device. Similarly a Motorola MW810 mobile workstation connected to a Motorola MTM800 TETRA control head allows the transmission of mission critical data over the TETRA networks simultaneous with broadband access over the latest cellular technologies (HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS).

“We are excited to be part of unlocking TETRA’s data communications potential. Our Radio IP MTG solution will enable users to increase their usage of data applications and combine it all seamlessly across multiple networks,” said David Torres, Radio IP Software, Director of Business Development, Alliances and Channel Operations. “Working with renowned leaders in the industry such as Motorola will accelerate our mission to meet the data communication challenges of users in public safety, utility and transportation agencies.”

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