Motorola Provides TETRA Solutions for the Moments that Matter at TETRA World Congress 2011

Motorola Provides TETRA Solutions for the Moments that Matter at TETRA World Congress 2011
Market leader showcases innovations that help TETRA users increase efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership

TETRA WORLD CONGRESS, BUDAPEST, May 25, 2011 – Motorola Solutions, Inc, a world- leading provider of mission- critical communications solutions, will highlight its full portfolio of TETRA-based solutions at TETRA World Congress (TWC) 2011 from May 25-27 at the Hungexpo Centre in Budapest. This encompasses a complete range of solutions, including a series of intrinsically safe devices for hazardous environments, covert radios for surveillance operations and complementary technologies and accessories. A series of innovations will be presented that will help mission- and business-critical organisations secure future-proof solutions that help reduce total cost of ownership and increase efficiency of their TETRA solution in a challenging economic climate. “Transforming Network Economics” is a key theme at TWC 2011.

TWC 2011 takes place as Motorola Solutions reaches the milestone of 1,500,000 TETRA radios shipped – clear proof of the company’s ability to understand and support the needs of mission-critical users. Motorola has the broadest portfolios of TETRA devices and is the only manufacturer that has ATEX, IEC and FM certification for intrinsically safe radios. Solutions are designed for use, with the needs of the end user and user safety at the core of the design and development process. It has been only two years since Motorola Solutions announced its first million TETRA radio shipments. Motorola recently won a major contract for approximately 9,700 radios for Lower Saxony in Germany.

At TWC 2011, Motorola Solutions also will focus on demonstrating its vision for next generation public safety. With the theme “Extending beyond the core” and TETRA solutions as a core for mission-critical voice communications, Motorola will be displaying and discussing how next generation technologies will be transforming mission-critical operations by building on the mission-critical core to deliver broadband connections, video solutions, unified services and collaborative devices.

Motorola Solutions will also be highlighting market-leading complementary solutions and innovations such as mobile computers and WLAN. Motorola will be discussing how these, coupled with its TETRA portfolio, will enable customers to be their best in the moments that matter – for example, as critical police, fire, emergency medical services, transport and oil & gas events unfold.

Motorola Solutions will be providing information and advice to professionals on D301, Hall G in the Hungexpo Centre. Its team will be highlighting the following innovations as well as discussing benefits in real time at Motorola Solutions’ TWC microsite

New Products
New innovations from Motorola Solutions are led by Dimetra 8.0 new architecture and TRACES.

  • Dimetra SR 8.0: The system architecture provides superior performance in a compact footprint – helping customers cope better with space-constrained installations as well as increasing resilience and capacity, lowering running costs and delivering streamlined system upgrades and maintenance. In addition, Dimetra SR 8.0 will be the first to include the ability to connect to non-TETRA networks, including standards-compliant LTE networks.
  • TRACES: The new TETRA RF Automated Coverage Evaluation system (TRACES) empowers end-user network administrators, providing full visibility of network coverage and performance in a single, easy-to-use tool, enabling rapid evaluation of networks – with significant cost and time savings.

New Customers

  • Jersey and Guernsey launch interoperable TETRA networks: New Motorola Dimetra 7.1 TETRA system allows Channel Islands public services and emergency personnel to unify networks whenever needed
  • Contract award for Spanish Airline Iberia: The latest generation of TETRA Dimetra IP Compact system will deliver state-of-the-art digital radio communications throughout Madrid Airport.

Meet the experts – speaking events and interview opportunities
Motorola Solutions and third-party experts will share their insights into market and user needs through a series of speaking opportunities:

  • In his keynote address to the congress, Tom Quirke, vice president and general manager, TETRA Global Organisation, Motorola Solutions, will examine market drivers for TETRA.
  • Industry analyst Andrew Seybold will provide insight into a world’s first for Motorola Solutions – the LTE project in San Francisco Bay.
  • Motorola Solutions customers such as Tor-Helge Lyngstl or Motorola Solutions’ partner Riedel will give updates and share experiences from recent

For further information about the speaker programme, please visit:

Supporting Quote
Tom Quirke, vice president and general manager, TETRA global organization, Motorola Solutions

“Our presence at TETRA World Congress will further demonstrate our ability to innovate to meet customer needs, with a clear focus on designing for use to deliver reliability for their communications while driving down overall usage costs. This expertise is critical because many public safety agencies as well as enterprise organisations are being asked to deliver more with less. We have focused this year at TWC 2011 on delivering solutions that will help users increase efficiency and reduce cost of ownership.

“We are particularly pleased to be announcing our milestone of 1.5 million radios shipped. This is a remarkable endorsement of our position as market leader and our determination to realise our vision for the future and deliver value for the end user in everything we do. We innovate for the moments that matter, so the user is equipped with the right information at the right time – when every second counts, whether it is for the first responder such as a fireman to be able to communicate to his team effectively during a fire incident or for a company that needs to deliver a shipment on time.”

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