Motorola Provides TETRA Digital Trunked Radio Communications System to Beijing Police Bureau

Motorola Provides TETRA Digital Trunked Radio Communications System to Beijing Police Bureau

Beijing, China, July 31, 2008— Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced an agreement with the Beijing Police Bureau to provide its 350Mhz TETRA digital trunked radio communications system to support the security needs of the Olympic Games. Beijing is the first city in China to implement a 350MHz TETRA digital trunked radio communication system.

Under the agreement, Motorola will provide the Beijing Police Bureau with a comprehensive TETRA digital trunked radio communication solution that includes 30 base stations, switches, terminals, and additional products and services. The Bureau’s plans to establish a new wireless communication system alongside with its existing wireless network was based on a stringent assessment findings conducted to strengthen, safeguard, and to ensure the complete success of the Olympic Games. As this project involves Olympic Games security tasks, the system is strictly required to provide efficient and reliable support for the Olympic Games.

As the pioneer and global leader in the digital trunked radio communication industry, Motorola has strong capabilities to provide a complete line of products for 350MHz TETRA digital trunked systems, including base stations, switches, terminals and other related accessories. Over the years, Motorola has established several long-term relationships serving many Chinese local entities within the sector and is very experienced in China’s public safety industry. Motorola is a trusted partner and reputable in the industry for providing its customers with a range of customized solutions that include single cluster stations, multi-slot packet data processing, and mobile base stations, among other products and services.

The communications’ department of the Beijing Police Bureau stated, “It is important to use high-quality communications solutions and services to ensure we dispatch effective and reliable radio communications solutions during the Olympic Games. I am pleased that Motorola is able to meet all our needs as it has tremendous experience and sophisticated communications capabilities.

“We are delighted to collaborate with the Beijing Police Bureau to provide wireless communication systems and solutions to enhance the Olympics’ security. Motorola has been supporting the needs of mission critical users for Olympics dispatch radio communications since 1972. We provide the most advanced products and services and are highly experience in digital trunked radio communications for the public security sector worldwide, meeting the stringent needs required by the Beijing Police for a secure Olympics event. We would like to take this opportunity to wish the Beijing Police Bureau a successful mission in handling their security assignments during the Olympic Games. It is our hope for Beijing to succeed in this global event,” said Mr. Chew Hock Siong, General Manager, Government & Public Safety, Enterprise Mobile Solutions, Motorola (China) Electronics Ltd.

As an industry leader, Motorola initiated and strongly advocates the TETRA digital trunked radio communications standard. Motorola has served customers in China’s public security sector for many years. As early as March 2001, Motorola implemented the first 800MHz TETRA digital trunked radio command and communication system on a full IP platform for the Shanghai Metropolitan Police Bureau. With the support of Motorola’s TETRA digital trunked system, the Shanghai Police carried out safe and successful law enforcement for the 2007 Special Olympics World Games, garnering subsequent praise by China’s Ministry of Public Security. In January 2008, Motorola signed a contact with Beijing Central Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection to provide a 350MHz TETRA digital trunked system to support radio communications for exit and entry inspection at the Beijing International Airport.

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