Motorola Launches Next Generation of Mission Critical Terminals with the MTM5400 TETRA Radio

Motorola Launches Next Generation of Mission Critical Terminals with the MTM5400 TETRA Radio

  • Motorola expands its world-leading TETRA portfolio, which includes enhanced safety, security and efficiency features
  • MTM5400 enables over-the-air programming – an industry first
  • First TETRA mobile with voice and TEDS capability

TETRA World Congress, Singapore – 25 May, 2010 – The Enterprise Mobility Solutions business of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT), the world’s leading provider of mission critical communication solutions, today announced the launch of the first in its next generation of TETRA radios. The MTM5400 is the first radio to make use of a powerful new platform developed by Motorola that includes advanced capabilities such as TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS) and advanced local networking capabilities and enables ground breaking over-the-air programming to enable more efficient fleet management.

The MTM5400 radio provides extended network coverage, greater audio performance and high-speed data connectivity. The features aid essential workflow management and group communication, which is a necessity in mission critical operations. Mission critical workers can benefit from higher data speeds through the integrated TEDS capability, delivering an increase in data throughput of 20x or more to back office systems and remote databases, which enables faster communication, access to information and data sharing. The radio also includes an integrated repeater-gateway function and a 10W transmission power capability to ensure secure and resilient communication at all times, regardless of coverage availability.

“Fast and secure communication is a necessity for public safety personnel who rely on radio terminals to coordinate response strategies and respond immediately to mission critical situations,” explains Jens Kristiansen, vice president and general manager, TETRA Global Products and Solutions, Motorola. “We are delighted that our next generation of TETRA terminals provides enhanced features that ensure exceptional performance and user safety in the field and remote locations.”

Designed to reduce radio downtime and promote operational efficiency and terminal management, the MTM5400 is particularly beneficial to organisations with a large radio base. It can be programmed over the air – a groundbreaking feature that is also an industry first in the TETRA market – which improves terminal management efficiency and personnel productivity. This significantly reduces the need for radios to be returned to designated locations for programming, which can maximise operational efficiency and significantly reduce operational costs for fleet maintenance. A further advanced feature is the ability for the radio to stay fully operational whilst being programmed, eliminating downtime for radio reprogramming.

The key features of the MTM5400 include:

  • Faster data access with a simple software upgrade for TEDS high-speed data connectivity
  • 10W transmission power and industry-leading receiver sensitivity for increased coverage
  • Direct mode operations (DMO) repeater-gateway capability
  • Over-the-air terminal management capability and background programmability to enable the radio to stay live while being programmed help to reduce operation and maintenance costs

Motorola’s TETRA portfolio includes infrastructure solutions, terminals, applications and services that are now used in 100 countries worldwide. To date, the company maintains its leading position in the sector of TETRA digital radio solutions. The rugged, intuitively operated products from Motorola already undergo extensive tests during the development phase to ensure high quality and reliable handling even under extreme conditions.

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