Motorola Introduces World’s Smallest TEDS Ready Base Station for Mission Critical Communication

Motorola Introduces World’s Smallest TEDS Ready Base Station for Mission Critical Communication

  • MTS1 and MTS4E join Motorola’s broad portfolio of TETRA and TEDS Ready solutions
  • MTS1 enables coverage enhancements to mission critical TETRA radio networks

TETRA WORLD CONGRESS, Singapore – 25. May 2010 – The Enterprise Mobility Solutions business of Motorola, Inc (NYSE: MOT) today announced the launch of world’s smallest TETRA base station for mission critical environments – the TEDS Ready (TETRA Enhanced Data Service) MTS1. The addition of MTS1 highlights the depth of Motorola’s TETRA and TEDS Ready portfolio by providing resilient network coverage to mission critical services in any situation. Motorola is also launching the worlds first multi-band base station – the high-capacity MTS4E.

Motorola’s latest generation of base stations are TEDS Ready and the lightweight, compact MTS1 is no exception. Based on a new high-performance hardware platform, the MTS1 is reliable, rugged and easily deployable for indoor or outdoor coverage applications. The robustly designed MTS1, which features IP66 weather resistance, provides a range of implementation solutions, including wall- and pole- mounted installation options, which are ideal solutions for enhanced coverage inside buildings and inside tunnels. It also offers network operators a cost-effective and adaptable coverage solution that is simple to install particularly for rapid and diverse deployments, whilst ensuring operational costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

“Emergency service personnel require quick, seamless transfer of data in mission critical situations. Examples include firefighters viewing building blueprints or police officers filing reports,” says Jens Kristiansen, vice president and general manager, TETRA Global Products and Solutions, Motorola. “TEDS is now a reality, and we are well placed to offer these enhanced data solutions to emergency personnel. Our infrastructure supports it, and our next generation of mobiles such as the MTM5400 is also TEDS ready.”

Motorola has also launched the high-capacity, high-performance MTS4E – the world’s first multi-band TETRA base station – providing a practical solution for maximising network capacity for operators with access to multiple frequency bands. The MTS4E has been designed to handle future communications needs and can support TETRA Enhanced Data Services (TEDS) for secure, high-speed mission critical data. Such capabilities allow it to provide a 20x increase in data capacity and enhanced support for rich media applications.

The MTS4E provides support for E1, IP-over-Ethernet and MPLS (multiprotocol label switching), enabling operators to utilise more efficient and lower-cost next-generation transmission networking technologies available today. It includes eTETRA functionality allowing support for base radios operating in multiple frequency bands utilising the same control channel, delivering practical solutions for those customers with access to additional spectrum and with increasing capacity needs.

While TETRA remains the foundation for secure voice communications, with data being increasingly adopted by mission critical organisations, TEDS – which enhances TETRA’s data performance and capacity – is meeting the requirements for trusted and secure wide-area high-speed data. Motorola is leading the market with the broadest available portfolio of TEDS Ready solutions and also recently announced the launch of the MTM5400, the first of a new generation of advanced radios.

Motorola’s TETRA portfolio includes infrastructure solutions, terminals, applications and services that are now used in 100 countries worldwide. To date, the company maintains its leading position in the sector of TETRA digital radio solutions. The rugged, intuitively operated products from Motorola already undergo extensive tests during the development phase to ensure high quality and reliable handling even under extreme conditions.

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