Motorola Introduces the Smallest TETRA Radio

Motorola Introduces the Smallest TETRA Radio

The radio in thin form factor enables high performance and secure communications in covert operations

HONG KONG – TETRA WORLD CONGRESS – 26 May 2008 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) today announced the introduction of the smallest body-worn TETRA Covert Radio, the TCR1000, that provides fully featured TETRA radio functions to users in covert operations. The new radio in thin form factor can easily be concealed in light clothing and ensures secure communications with encryption features that improve operational effectiveness in the field.

The TCR1000 weighs less than 180 grams and its small, light-weight design helps officers to disguise their equipment during covert operations, allowing them to blend into the crowd. While compact in design, the TCR1000 performs to the same high standards as mainstream Motorola TETRA terminals and offers excellent functionality including options for integrated GPS and end-to-end encryption. It incorporates many innovative features to address the unique requirements of covert radios such as discrete audio, radio control and long battery lifetime.

In terms of enhanced usability, the control features of the TCR1000 have been designed for covert operations, such as using audio tones to identify talk group number to enable audio-only recognition of talk group selection. The TCR1000 is controllable from a remote unit that provides greater flexibility to users in their operations.

On functionality, the TCR1000 has an integrated GPS to locate resources as well as users who are in need of assistance. The radio also has an extended battery pack option which can easily extend users’ surveillance periods.

On security features, the TCR1000 is equipped with all of the encryption features of Motorola’s TETRA radios and infrastructure portfolio. This ensures safety and information protection and prevents interception from unwanted parties. Together with best-in-class audio performance and whisper mode for discrete use, the TCR1000 is well-suited for the user in surveillance covert type operations.

“As a leader in mission-critical communications, Motorola truly understands that unique environments require unique devices and solutions. Users in the public safety markets, including those involved in surveillance, close protection and special operations, require the highest level of security. Based on feedback from users in covert environments, the TCR1000 is Motorola’s first designed-for-use covert radio with special interface, form and security features that come in a neat little package for those critical undercover applications,” said Jens Kristiansen, vice president and general manager, TETRA Products and Solutions, Motorola Government and Public Safety.

A wide range of covert accessories including vests and harnesses, microphone, earpieces and antenna, are available for the user to tailor solutions to operational requirements. For example, the vest option includes a body worn double loop antenna which can increase the range of communications.

Motorola’s new covert radio demonstrates its commitment to developing innovative solutions that enable its customers to fully harness the power of TETRA. Just this year, Motorola was chosen by the Isle of Man Government Department of Home Affairs to supply a fleet of covert TETRA terminals, to be used by the Isle of Man Constabulary and Customs & Excise.

With rapid advances in technology and the ever-pressing issues of security, interoperability and proven reliability, Motorola aims to deliver intuitive technology that is second nature to users, so they have the peace of mind to focus on their mission, not on the technology. The TCR1000 Covert terminal is a strong testament to Motorola’s design-for-use ethos, which is to work hand-in-hand with its customers to create highly intuitive products to address the unique requirements of mission-critical environments.

For more information visit the Motorola booth at TETRA World Congress (Booth W) where it will showcase Technology That’s Second Nature™ through its MOTOA4™ portfolio of mission critical solutions.

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