Motorola Introduces Best-in-Class TETRA Portable for Asian Use

Motorola Introduces Best-in-Class TETRA Portable for Asian Use

Beijing, China, August 25, 2005 Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced the availability of the industry’s first smallest ruggedised TETRA portable radio in China. The MTP850 TETRA portable measures only 12.5cm in height and features a high-resolution 65K colour display and a user friendly interface that supports multiple Asian languages including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Korean. We have received orders amounting to 23,000 units of the 800MHz TETRA MTP850 portable from customers across Asia including the Beijing Police.

These units will be used by officers and first responders in the public security, fire-fighting, emergency ambulance services and urban administration within the Beijing Government Radio Network. The MTP850 is Motorola’s third generation advanced TETRA digital trunked radio that will enable mission-critical users to achieve highly efficient and effective communication dispatch support for real-time information sharing. Built and designed for users in Asia, in particular for customers in China, the MTP850 incorporates customer feedback in a new ergonomic design to provide users with the best-in-class features for enhanced mobility and more efficient communications for mission critical operations.

The MTP850 has received positive feedback from user trials. Users from public safety agencies as well as the enterprise sector were impressed by the ease of use, improved tactile Push-to-Talk (PTT) actuation and the clear audio quality of the new radio.

The new portable has the option to be factory-fitted with the end-to-end encryption Universal Crypto hardware module to offer users the highest levels of security and prevention from attacks and hackers from tempering with the radio. The MTP850 can also be installed with GPS-based Automatic Person Location System (APLS) to ensure user safety and efficient emergency response in mission critical situations.

“Ease of use, superior audio quality, robustness and secure communication are key customer considerations in the product engineering of the MTP850. It also sets a new benchmark for our third generation TETRA terminal capable of delivering secure communications for both Government and enterprise environments,” said Lam Sau Ping, Senior Manager, Product Operations, Motorola’s Government and Enterprise Mobility Solutions business, Asia Pacific.

Motorola’s TETRA MTP850 was first launched in Korea and Singapore in June this year.

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