Motorola & Infomatrix Collaborate to Deliver Accelerated Data Applications on Motorola TETRA PDAs

Motorola & Infomatrix Collaborate to Deliver Accelerated Data Applications on Motorola TETRA PDAs

Basingstoke & Cambridge, UK, 12th June 2007. Infomatrix & Motorola have today announced a pre-installation deal that will see Infomatrix [ i]-SqZ delivered in the default factory configuration on Motorola’s ground-breaking MTC100 TETRA PDA.

This 3-year agreement will enable Motorola’s customers to enjoy web-based applications over TETRA at GPRS-like speeds, even on single-slot TETRA networks. Motorola expect the SqZ-enabled MTC100 PDA to become the world-wide de-facto handheld device for TETRA mobile data.

Infomatrix [ i]-SqZ provides application content compression of 10 to 20 times, together with protocol optimisation that is proven to reduce database transactions to just a few seconds over the air. With operational deployments in the UK and Europe, [ i]-SqZ has become the accelerator of choice for professional mobile data solutions over TETRA.

SqZ-enabled PDAs will be easily configurable, allowing web-clients, including popular browsers, to communicate transparently with their application servers, through SqZ-enabled TETRA networks.

With multi-slot TETRA, the MTC100 and [ i]-SqZ will allow web transactions to run at 3G-like speeds, and will improve application performance even on the most congested networks.

About Infomatrix:
Infomatrix is the world leader in information mobility for the professional mobile workforceInfomatrix [i]-Net suite of bridgeware products, addresses the key problems of connecting corporate IT systems to digital wireless networks with the minimum of connectivity know-how.[i]-SqZ is the leading web-data accelerator used by the world’s largest TETRA network. [i]-BrJ allows applications to easily run over the best available wireless network according to tariff, coverage or bandwidth requirements [i]-SeC integrates high-grade security and encryption with ultra-low channel overhead. Close integration of the [i]-NeT product suite allows unprecedented performance of web-based and IP applications over the full range of digital wireless networks.

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