Motorola delivers TETRA digital radio system for Kazan Metro

Motorola delivers TETRA digital radio system for Kazan Metro

Kazan Metro now has the most advanced subway communications in Russia after rollout of Motorola Compact TETRA system.

MOSCOW, October 20th, 2005 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) today announces that it has completed the deployment of a TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) digital radio system for Kazan City Administration and Kazan Metropolitan Company. The project was a joint effort between Optima, MS SpetsTelecom, and Motorola’s certified distributor, RCI.

As part of the project, the customer received a Motorola Compact TETRA digital radio system, including six multi-channel base stations and 450 radios. Additional TETRA equipment was installed on the Kazan Metropolitan Company office building in order to provide coverage for both underground (tunnels, subway stations) and overground facilities.

The project was commissioned in August 2005 to coincide with the celebration of Kazan’s millennial anniversary. To ensure the successful rollout of the project, MS SpetsTelecom, the operator for the TETRARUS Federal Project, provided the required frequency spectrum in Kazan, along with its expertise in deploying and maintaining similar systems. RCI and Optima were selected as integrators for the project.

The Motorola Compact TETRA system fully complies with the TETRA standard. Since it was first used in the Russian market, many small and medium-sized customers have already chosen the benefits of TETRA digital radio technology to address their communications needs including traditional PMR, wireless telephony, paging and packet data. Motorola’s Compact TETRA offers a scalable solution to serve both small local teams of hundreds of people, and larger organizations with thousands of employees.

Stuart Broome, Director, Motorola Government & Enterprise Mobile Solutions, Russia, Belarus and Armenia, said: “Professional radio users in Russia, as well as all over the world, are committed to advanced digital trunking solutions, because they value the reliability and features powered by the latest technology. We are excited to launch the first TETRA system in Russia deployed for a subway, and we believe that this deployment will unlock new opportunities for us in the transportation communications market. The advanced digital radio system for Kazan metro means better command and control for all the subway’s services, and ultimately, a higher level of safety for passengers.”

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