Motorola Broadens Portfolio of Communications Solutions for Russian Industries

Motorola Broadens Portfolio of Communications Solutions for Russian Industries

Mission critical network infrastructure and terminals for explosive environments

Moscow, Russia – 01 October 2008 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced it has a comprehensive intrinsically safe TETRA solution for industrial use in Russia.

Motorola developed the new solution in response to changing European and international legislation. Already an established supplier of intrinsically safe Factory Mutual (FM) radios for the Russian and CIS oil and gas markets, Motorola developed its intrinsically safe TETRA solution to encompass the specific needs of companies operating in the Russian oil, gas and industrial markets.

The Motorola solution combines a scalable IP-based TETRA network, with offsite redundancy for ultra reliable operations, and a range of ATEX terminals. The result is a network that offers the highly reliable, robust and secure communications provided by TETRA combined with the safety of intrinsically safe radios for operation in explosive environments.

Motorola developed the intrinsically safe solution for the Russian market as a result of its ‘Design for Use’ philosophy, as Heidi Hattendorf, director of business development, Motorola Government & Public Safety, TETRA explained:

“‘Design for Use’ is about listening to customers’ requirements and working with them to develop the solutions they need. The result is technology that’s second nature; complete solutions that perform as required with a natural ease of use. This applies from installing and maintaining the infrastructure, through to operating the terminals.

“It’s both technical aspects, such as a scaleable solution that can operate in an explosive environment, to practical considerations such as a Russian language interface and being able to easily operate a handheld radio while wearing thick protective gloves,” continued Heidi Hattendorf.

The intrinsically safe TETRA solution extends from standard FM equivalent radios to highly specified TETRA radios that meet rigorous gas and dust specifications. The portfolio of products that create the complete solution for the Russian market includes the intrinsically safe MTP810Ex and MTP850Ex terminals along with the Dimetra IP and Dimetra IP Compact offering increased scalability and redundancy.

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